Dipset/Pigadoken Evo World MM Thread

I think I made a thread last evolution but didn’t really get any responses. Since DP, JUSTIN! WONG!, and other people are going money match crazy, I felt the need to make a money match thread and include it with Potter [if he accepts].

I am willing to take money matches in CVS2/MVC2.

In CVS2, I will take matches from 2/3 - 4/7 for at least 10 bucks a pop. I’ll play up to $20 because i’d rather play for more $ in marvel.

In MVC2, i will take matches from 3/5 or first to 5/10/whatever. Since 3/5 has more room to get past marvel bullshit, I would like to start the bets at 20 bucks a pop.

I have not talked Potter about this thread but I am pretty sure he will see it eventually.


money matches accepted so far:
k. rage: cvs2 2/3 $20
havoc: cvs2 3/5 $40
713_rudy_281: cvs2 2/3 $20
golden_nz: mvc2 3/5 $20
chunksta: mvc2 3/5 $20
fanatiq: mvc2 3/5 $20
dr. b: cvs2 2/3 $10
j360: mvc2 3/5 $20
remix: mvc2 3/5 $20
guywongsta: mvc2 3/5 $10

get that money

I want Sanford

who is that?

jot me down for a friendly MM!


I’ll MM you in cvs2 for 20$ 2/3

do you want it with all three of us or just me? how much?

713_rUdY_281: ok

Damn, fix your sig pig.


if ya don’t mind i’d like to sample all three of ya :slight_smile:

Who me? Aiight

Count me in too for all three of the dips :] As much as ya want:wink:



What GAME?

he said, all three of the dips. meaning: ME, BILL, AND LIPS WASHINGTON. Not you my dude. I think golden nismor means the same…

Golden Nismor: lets make it happen duke. Don’t beast too much…

i heard pigadoken smack rawbzilla in some money matches back in 2005, good job!

we’re arch enemys in the 808, anyways i’m thats niggas kryptonite :slight_smile:

Good luck! I prob would MM, but I can’t team up against my boy, Potts. He’s my lil homie. Get em, POTTS!

Pigadoken aka Honey Jal aka The Honiest Dip on the set, We’ll just start out with a $20 money match, 3/5 just like you said on your post. Let me know if Bill and Potter would like to get in on some Money Matches with me too =] This is MvC2 btw lol.

713_rUdY_281: I play MvC2, do you want to play me for money too?


Chunksta : Yea 2/3 for 20$

You got it :tup:

chunk: 3/5 for 20 sounds good.

golden-nz: 3/5 for 20 sounds good.


Golden Ninz me 3/5 for 20? Pigadoken 3/5 for 20?