Dipswitch settings for SFA3 Upper

This is a continuation of the discussion in the “SFA3 Upper differences” thread. I posted that it is possible to make Upper behave like regular A3, but with the additions of Upper (faster A Ism bar, extra characters, Cody’s new overhead, etc). I based the dips after the 980727ver of A3. It takes care of the weirdness like Juni and Mika’s extended knockdowns, Cross Scissor Pressure damage counting twice, and Rose’s unblockables. It also gives the characters crouch cancels and whiff grabs for meter. I am sure I made a mistake somewhere, so if you find one, let me know so I can correct them and edit the original post. I am assuming since Upper is a later version, stuff like invincible Tengu walking has already been fixed, since there is no dip for it in Upper. There are two or three Upper only dips that seem pretty trivial, so I leave to you how you would like to handle them (they seem pretty minor, so it depends on how people feel about them). The info on the dips is in the “dipwitches revealed” thread on this forum. Some are kind of hard, since their Engrish makes them somewhat nonsensical…

Again, this is an experiment. Try it out at your leisure and post some feedback. So far, VC’s seem the same as regular A3, but I use Cammy, who has some really easy VC’s. They dont have that weird feling they did in DC A3

Lit=Red Unlit=white

1-01 (SFA3U) 1-04 (SFA3)

  • In Mazi Mode, the projectile strength will not be any higher than in normal mode. - More powerful
  • Same as normal

1-02 (SFA3U) 1-05 (SFA3)

  • If a character becomes dizzy due to a throw, but uses a throw escape, they will be left invincible and escape.
  • Cannot escape
  • Escape

1-03 (SFA3U) 1-06 (SFA3) Rose

  • With the Soul Illusion, the silhouette attacks were not the real body attack so they were unblockable. (does not enter the blocking stance)
  • Blocking is possible. (can block the silhouette attacks)
  • Will not enter the blocking stance and thus cannot block

1-08 (SFA3) 1-04 (SFA3U)

  • By using a mid-air escape at the edge of the screen and then doing an air block, the character would land with a block hit stance. If that character then canceled out of the stance and performed something (a light attack combo), they would be invincible throughout the movement.
  • Not invincible
  • Invincible as long as the character keeps moving

1-09 (SFA3) 1-05 (SFA3U)

  • By blocking 32 hits in a row with the same block stance, the guard power gauge would start acting funny and drop rapidly.
  • Hits beyond 32 still behave as normal
  • Hits beyond 32 will make the gauge act funny (undefined behavior)

1-11 (SFA3) 1-06 (SFA3U)

  • For combo attacks (including throws) that aren’t powerful enough to finish the characters, the attack power drops to its minimum (1) in Saikyo Mode.
  • Standard damage calculation
  • Attack power goes to 1

1-12 (SFA3) 1-07 (SFA3U)

  • When throwing a person getting up (right before they start being dizzy), they will have another dizzy mark.
  • Dizzying marks do not double up
  • Dizzying marks double up

1-13 (SFA3) 1-08 (SFA3U)

  • When performing a Custom Combo, if a throw is performed before the recovery time runs out, then the remaining time will still be active once the opponent is released and for that remaining time (several frames), they would be stuck on the ground before they could move. Due to this, depending on the distance the opponent during the push of Zangief’s Atomic Suplex would get stuck and not move away.
  • No time left after a throw
  • The recovery time will be counted after the opponent is thrown

1-14 (SFA3) 1-09 (SFA3U) Juni

  • Cross Scissor Pressure damage is counted twice (for landing the blow and when moving away)
  • Damage counted once
  • Damage counted twice

1-15 (SFA3) 1-10 (SFA3U)

  • Gen’s Jakouha Super Combo could grab opponents despite their invincible or unthrowable states.
  • Can’t grab the opponent during the states
  • Can grab the opponent during the states

[COLOR=“White”]2-06 (SFA3) 1-11 (SFA3U) Juni

  • The different branch conditions for the Hooligan Combination (depending on where the opponent is grabbed) have been adjusted. (before adjustment, if the opponent was Juni the Cross Scissors Pressure move wouldn’t execute)
  • Adjusted
  • Unadjusted[/COLOR]

2-08 (SFA3) 1-12 (SFA3U)

  • Can turn animation for the counter hit on and off.
  • Animation
  • No animation

2-10 (SFA3) 1-13 (SFA3U)

  • Whether or not the character would get knocked down for mid-air damage treated as standing damage (can stand even while crouched) has been changed (E. Honda’s close range standing heavy kick)
  • Will not fall
  • Will fall

1-14 (SFA3U) Dee Jay

  • It is impossible to block the Alpha Counter (another hit is decided before the opponent can recover)
  • Can block
  • Cannot block

1-15 (SFA3U)

  • This changes whether or not the gauge fills up for missed grabs.
  • Increases
  • Does not increase

2-13 (SFA3) 1-16 (SFA3U)

  • After canceling the landing from an air attack by crouching, the opponent couldn’t escape, but can do it now.
  • Cannot escape
  • Can escape

2-15 (SFA3) 2-01 (SFA3U) R Mika, Juni

  • There were special moves for counterattacking a defensive roll, so it was made impossible to perform a defensive roll (R. Mika = Shooting Peach, Rainbow Hip Rush, Juni = Psycho Streak)
  • Can’t use the defensive roll
  • Can use the defensive roll

2-16 (SFA3) 2-02 (SFA3U) Chun Li

  • There was no delay after missing an air grab, but it was changed so that there would be a frame of delay like other characters.
  • Delay
  • No delay

3-01 (SFA3) 2-03(SFA3U) Gen

  • There was no delay after missing an air grab, but it was changed so that there would be a frame of delay like other characters.
  • Delay
  • No delay

3-03 (SFA3) 2-04 (SFA3U) Rolento

  • By trying to block the Mekong Delta Attack the guard gauge would get whittled away
  • Goes down
  • Doesn’t go down

3-05 (SFA3) 2-05 (SFA3U) Balrog

  • In the eighth stage of the Turn Punch, there is no decreasing of the guard gauge.
  • Goes down
  • Doesn’t go down

3-06 (SFA3) 2-06 (SFA3U)

  • Change the animation (setting switched for the Japanese and overseas versions)
    ?M. Bison’s falling apart pattern is not shown in the ending
    ?Evil Ryu, Juli and Juni’s endings don’t show blood sprays anymore
  • OFF (Japan) ON (overseas)
  • ON (Japan) OFF (overseas)

2-07 (SFA3U) Display

  • Add a symbol to the title screen.
  • Use the Alpha 3 different color version
  • Use the Alpha 3 Upper version

3-07 (SFA3) 2-08 (SFA3U) M Bison

  • The close quarters heavy punch would be counted as a medium knockback, but now is a heavy knockback.
  • Heavy
  • Medium

3-08 (SFA3) 2-09 (SFA3U) Birdie

  • It was possible to air block the taunt before, but now it is not possible.
  • Cannot air block
  • Can air block

2-10 (SFA3U) T Hawk

  • The Raging Typhoon’s grab distance was 1 dot, but is bigger now.
  • Rectangular area allows grabbing thin characters that overlap
  • Cannot grab thin overlapping characters

Looks good. A shame about the Tengu Walking…

You probably want these ones on, plus (IMO) the Dee Jay one:

Second one enables crouch canceling.

The one with E.Ryu and Juni’s endings is purely cosmetic, of course.

About the last one…wtf? 1 Pixel? Do they mean one pixel shorter? Because one dot is like…invisible small. Birdie has the smallest range for a regular throw in the game…you have to be RIGHT NEXT to them…and his is 8 pixels. So that one sounds wrong somehow…

Don’t you just love that Engrish? Some of those make no sense. I am guessing turning the star on enables him to grab anything other than thin air, while off means he cant grab anything with the Raging Typhoon.

I haven’t checked the second one yet, since I havent learned crouch cancelling yet:( It is one of my resolutions this year:) I have 1-15 unlit (the wiffed grab one), but it still builds meter. It could be how the options were written in the thread, too. Lots of double negatives and whatnot…

Wouldn’t be T. Hawk if he didn’t have a bunch of unnecessary disadvantages.

1-07 (Double Dizzy) is mostly asthetic as well.

I think 1-06 (Rose), and 1-10 (Gen) help balance the respective characters a bit. And they only apply to A-ism. So I agree with those being Lit.

1-09 (Juni) applies to both A and V-ism, and honestly I think Juni needs it to help balance her out. So I’d agree for that to be Lit too.

I think 2-10 (T.Hawk) should be unlit as well. Makes no sense for it to be lit.

So yeah, I agree on those.

The really important ones that are missing from Upper are Sodom’s Tengu, Cody’s Spray, and Dhalsim’s Escape.

1-11 SFA3U (Juni) only applies to Juni vs. Juni (AFAIK), so might as well have it unlit. With it lit she can’t do a Cross Scissors Pressure on a standing opponent Juni, which is silly.

Also, the same dipswitch for Cammy is non-existant in Upper and is already adjusted, so it makes sense to adjust Juni’s as well.

What exactly is the deal with the tengu walking, bad spray, and the Dhalsim Escape? I am not too familiar with those:(

Updated dips list.

They’re reversal moves. There’s a variety of situations where you can use them, but the most common is after being knocked into the air. The difference is Dhalsim can do his at almost any time. Even out of crouch cancels, which means it’s impossible to CC infinite him.

The bug was that if you got reset with an attack (ie. You got hit out of the air and it wasn’t a counter hit and it wasn’t a knock down attack), and you did tengu walking or bad spray on the way down, the invincibility from your reset status (You can’t be hit after being reset until your feet touch the ground) would transfer over to the move, creating an invincible reversal move. It wasn’t game breaking in anyway, and it helped both characters out a lot. Especially V-Cody, who’s prone to being guard crushed. I don’t think any character has to purposely take as many hits as Cody does. You can see VER doing it all the time.

You’re still vulnerable after the recovery frames though.

My Engrish isn’t as good as my English, but isn’t that for the mutltiple OTG combos vs dizzy opponents? Like how Birdie/Mika etc can get someone dizzy and do 360s over and over in the corner?

You can still OTG a dizzied opponent with the switch on or off.

With the star unlit the dizzy sprites only appear once. With the star filled/lit; each time you OTG a dizzied opponent they will have another dizzy sprite added above them.

Thus, it’s totally asthetic.

I did some research in response to a question I got and I found something kinda interesting.

The majority of the dipswitches available to SFA3 in SFAA are also available to SFA3U. But, not all of them are.

By setting the SFA3 dipswitches to 98/07/27ver you get an arcade perfect version of SFA3 (with the exception of star 2-15 which needs to be unfilled manually).

By setting the SFA3U dipswitches to 00/11/20ver you get something kinda close to arcade perfect SFA3, but there was some things that needed to be manually toggled.

  • 1-15: Unlit. (Build meter from whiffed throws), 1-16: Unlit. (Crouch cancelling enabled), 2-01: Unlit. (Extended knockdowns from R.Mika and Juni disabled), and 2-10: Unlit (T.Hawk’s Raging Typhoon range)

But there were still some things “missing” in the SFA3U dipswitches. Not all the dipswitches were present in SFA3U that are available in SFA3. I wanted to know exactly what was missing so I checked and this is what I found.

The following switches weren’t toggled in SFA3, so I presume their absence in SFA3U is irrelevant:

  • 1-01, 1-02, 1-03, 1-16, 2-01, 2-02, 2-03, 2-05.
    Since they aren’t adjusted in SFA3 then they should also be by default unadjusted in SFA3U (since they aren’t present). Therefor it really doesn’t matter if they are missing or not.

The following switches are toggled in SFA3 but are not present in SFA3U, which means you are unable to make these active in SFA3U. But these are present in the arcade perfect version of SFA3:

1-07: Sodom’s Tengu Walking invulnerability active when performed while invulnerable.
1-10: Saikyo mode 0 damage = 127 damage
2-04: Juli and Juni’s CPU-only specials and supers active when teamed in Dramatic Battle.
2-07: Dan’s Taunt-super is unblockable
2-09: Cody’s Bad Spray invulnerability active when performed while invulnerable.
2-12: Akuma’s airthrow is glitched when performed at certain heights.
2-14: E.Honda’s roll (ground recovery) is glitched.
3-02: Specific characters become invulnerable until landing after air VC activation.
3-04: Birdie’s standing kick(?) can be airblocked
3-09: Second half of Cammy’s Spin Drive Smasher is airblockable.
3-10: Cammy’s Cannon Drill/Spiral Arrow is not air blockable.
3-11: Chun’s Spinning Bird Kick can not be crouch blocked.
3-12: E.Honda’s Lv.2 Oni Musou can be air blocked.

IMO, the most important ones being: Sodom and Cody’s invulnerable tech-moves, Cammy’s qcf+k unairblockability, and the character-specific invulnerability post-air-vc activation.

Still, Setting SFA3U to 00/11/20ver then manually modifying the four dipswitches needed you can get pretty close to arcade perfection. You sacrifice the above listed switches in exchange for the console characters Guile, T.Hawk, Deejay, and Feilong.