DIR-655 Router Optimized


First I’s like to say hello to everyone and thank you’ll for letting me gain access to this Group. What I’d like to know is, and I’m just an old senior citizen trying to gain more knowledge about my router and how to make my computer faster. I have my router connected to my computer wired and I can’t seem to make it connect in the Advance Network section as a 1000Mpbs Wan Port speed. This is a gigabit router and I do have DLink DGE-530T network card. I’m also using Cat6 lines between my router and my computer modem. In the Wan Port speed of my router it gives you 3 settings, 10/100/1000, everytime I choose the 1000Mbps setting and reboot my router it does nothing. It does work when I choose the 100Mbps setting. Now back in the Local Area Connections in the advance section for my network card properties under Speed and Duplex I did select the 1000Mbps full duplex and it worked. So how come it’s not showing it as 1000Mbps in my router? At the moment I have my router set for the auto10/100/1000 setting and yes it does work like that but I want 1000 gigabit speed on the internet.


There is a network thread around here that might be more helpful in answering your question, even if its not strictly gaming related http://forums.shoryuken.com/showthread.php?t=185319

but do you honestly expect to be getting a gigabit connection between your modem and the router? My DSL router only connects at 100Mbps, nevermind the fact that there are few options in the world were a consumer actually gets near that. If you’re on some 12 or 24Mb cable or dsl or fios plan, i don’t see why you would worry about a 1000Mb connection “to the internet”


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You don’t need to worry about WAN port being 100Mbps or 1000Mbps. I doubt your broadband speed is that high… Currently the highest offering from Verizon fios is at 50Mbps which is about $150 per month… That said putting 100Mbps will sufficiently handle your internet connection.

As for the LAN connections, if you have PC or network devices that are capable of 1000Mbps/gigabit connection leave both the router switch port and network device - PC or whichever devices you may have to AUTO. Which its not recommended have 100Mbps connection on auto and should be manually put to full duplex settings, gigabit AUTO duplex is much more advance than the 100Mbps auto settings. You should never have to set gigabit connections manually to 1000Mbps Full duplex - always set it to auto to use its advanced algorithm.

hope this helps.