Direct TV is dropping Nick along with 25 other channels


What are your thoughts about this?


my answer is Netflix…


My answer is Newsgroups.


Time Warner Cable here hahhaa.


OH NO! :o


Nuff said


No more DBZ replays! What will I do now?!


DBZ is on Nick? Wait…WHAT :open_mouth:


And direct TV now only has sports fans by the balls now.


Thank god for the internet. Luckily, on all of those channels, I watch maybe…two things? And they’re all found on the internet. Plus the only thing worth watching Nick for (the Legend of Korra) just finished up its first season and we won’t see the next for a while so…who cares?


Lol so?

The avergae joe needs to wake up and learn how to use a computer for entertainment when shit like this happens.
All your favorite shows aren’t exclusively available through you cablebox/T.V. anymore.
Internet… It’s not just for trolling.


means no more jerking off to all the barely legal hoes on victorious for some of you and no spongebob…


hopefully there will be a ratings drop for DBZ enough to warrant Nick putting it away until the rights expire. who knows, maybe a deal could be brought up with CN and Nick to get the show on the former, but fat chacnes of that happen thou


Or…who cares about DBZ reruns anymore? If people really want to watch DBZ that bad, there are about 20 different ways to watch it on the internet. The only reason for anyone to care is the same people who constantly think Toonami is nothing without DBZ. Pretty much it.

Viacom is pretty damn stupid. They decide to push for more money right when reruns are happening? If they wanted it that badly, they could’ve pushed when the Legend of Korra was starting. The backlash would’ve been epic for either side and someone would’ve flinched. Now, DirecTV could sit on their asses for a month or two and not really care unless you really want to watch TNA badly (and I’m sure people upload Impact each week).


And Dish is dropping AMC. As a Brighthouse customer, I loled. Fuck satellite…freezing, pixels, git that crap outta here.