Directing Spirals Teleport

Quick question regarding Spiral’s Teleport:

I’ve noticed that when inputting the Teleport command, I can direct where Spiral goes by either tapping the button (appears right above a standing opponent) or holding the button (appears in bottom left corner of the screen).

Is there a third option where I’ll reappear in the bottom right corner?

And, when Spiral in on the right, calls Sent. Drones, and immediately teleports to the other side of the opponent, will they be crossed up, or will the game correct their block?

Thanks in advance!

Edit: Found the answer on my own…

although it didn’t make enough sense for me to try it initially, it is pretty logical in retrospect.

 the standard input, qcb +  tap lk puts you in the center, above a standing opponent

      this is what i always did, and assumed it was the only teleport action, but--

 qcb hold lk: puts you on the ground, left

 qcb lk, hold hk: on the ground, right

 qcb lk, hold lp: in the air, left

 qcb lk, hold hp: in the air, right

I’m sure this isn’t new, but I haven’t seen it anywhere.