Direction 3S Videos (good quality)

Me and my boy have made a few 3S vids, from PS2 using he ATI capture box, we also go into the options/system direction so youcan see our settings, we change almost everything, but we do not change blocking/parries. You’ll have to excuse the the inconsistancies, I’ve just gotten my interest back in this after the big 3S thread last month, after not playing for a very long time.

I am player 1 (diegoaccord), player 2 is (platinumpapi)
There are many more to upload.

Why did I just watch some of those? :wtf:

It was funny how you guys couldn’t hit-confirm a super even when you chained three or four moves before it.

Nigga, when you don’t play for a while, your EXECUTION goes to shit. They’ll get better when we get more time in.

if i could only download one of those, which one should it be?

wtf was this…

if ur execution is shit atm, why would you post a match of yours in here?

sorry if I was remy I would have just jumped back and kept doing SA1 over and over

worst matches in history.

Not like this is surprising for a system direction vid’.


lets make a 3s vid. team beige ba’ng and pleasure

i’d have denjin’d all day.

all day.

It’d prolly be fun to play w/ system direction.

that shit looked fun as hell lol

please don’t as I have suffered enough

Edit ey? :lol:

Are these the same guys that ONLY play 3S on system direction because its shit, I repeat, SHIT the way it’s meant to be played? Short, forward, roundhouse xx shinshoryuken, wtf, lmao. Thanks for wasting 15 minutes of my bandwith. Way to go. You fail at life, honestly.


Ah, c’mon, get off his back. Not everyone’s an expert player, and sometimes it’s fun just to screw around. The System Direction in 3S allows for some pretty crazy stuff that’s fun see in action, IMO.

Better players than me. I think.

I bet this is how MvC players wish they could play 3S, lol.
People are hard on them because first of all, these matches are scrubby as hell. Never seen so many random supers and hell random everything in my life. Even disregarding the modifications, they play like idiots. If you have 9 bars of infinite super, why wouldn’t you just infinite super cancel all the time?

I’m guessing these guys have some messed up code of “honour” that they go by where they won’t do this kind of stuff.

Second, I think these are the same guys who said that playing 3S without any system direction was boring, and that they could still do well at local tournies.

OreNoChinSugoi: you got some good video quality out of ati card, which one do you have? what bit rate did you use? and whats with the site you’re using to host you’re vids? enlighten me plz

Also, the vids are a nice change of pace.

edit: the end of was too good… :clap:

I think these would be better received if they were combo exhibition videos instead of actual matches.

Please for the love of god no. Just no.