Direction Woes

Hey guys, I have been going back to SFA3 and SFII and I’m really having a problem with this movement :

When I play SFA3 on my PS2, it’s hard to pull out Karin’s :qcf::uf::k: motion

Also, when I play SFII on the 360 with Sagat, the :qcf::uf::k: motion for his Tiger Knee does not come out.

For both games, I come out with more of a Jumping forward attack instead of the special. Is there a bit easier way to execute these attacks? Are my button presses coming out to early or too late?

On the PS2, I am playing on controller, and on SFII for the 360, I’m playing with a Stick.

Thanks to all replies in advance.


I’m not sure if any of those games have a training mode (assuming you’re talking about console versions), but if they do, see if you can turn “Show Input” on. It will show you exactly what the game is registering you doing. If there is no training mode or “show inputs” in those games, try going on to SFIV and go into the training mode, which can show inputs. See if you can get the execution down (although it would be hard to see if you’re pressing kick at the right time since I doubt the same special may or may not come out.)

Also, if you’re just getting forward jumping attacks instead of the special, it seems like you’re pressing kick too late (as the game registers the last direction as a jump forward instead of the last direction of the special). So try speeding up pressing kick as you do the last direction to see if it comes out.

Above poster is wise.

My recommendation is this - start up with a character with basic QCF input (Hadouken, etc.) and watch your hands as you do the input. Most people will hit the punch (or whatever) button a fractional moment after they hit the last directional control. Focus on your hands, and practice hitting the punch button at the same time your other hand finishes the QCF motion, rather than that moment later. You’ll whiff a few times because you may try to overcompensate and hit the button too soon, but practice at that to get the timing down as narrow as possible.

Once you get that under control, your next step is to practice the same thing, except with the QCFU (terminology? I suppose it’d technically be 3/8ths circle forward?) motion. Again, you’re trying to eliminate the amount of time between inputting the last motion (:uf: in this case) and the button press. You’ve really only got a brief, brief moment to hit that input button before the game recognizes the motion as a forward jump. And like I said, if you focus on hitting the button “at the same time” more or less as you hit that last direction, the move will come out.

Hope this helps, and good luck! :tup: