DirectTV launching televised gaming league

DirecTV launching televised gaming league

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Stolen from the SomethingAwful Games forum:

Chances of any 2D fighters getting into this = ~zero, I guess, though maybe Tekken 5 DR, DOA4 and at a stretch GGXX/? At least, fighting games are more exciting to watch than many other genres, which is a plus for televised competition.

Yeah seems like a FPS event unfortunately for us…

If any of those games were to be held, I doubt it’d be under the rules we go by(Tekken:no juggles, no grounded hits / GGXX:no air combos, no bursting)

fps games to be honest are lame as hell to watch, its nice seeing a top player move on say quake 3 but it just gets samey after awhile

fighting games are much more interesting to watch, better yet an mmofrpg would be much more interesting to watch, like watching hercules but actually still good after 3/4 episodes

P.s i always mention this fighting/mmorpg shit but seriously its taking way way too long, but oh yeh huxley looks cool you should check that out, itll be on that gaming league thingy no doubt…


Watching a mmorpg is like watching fat people with diabetes fuck.

It ain’t THAT good.

Either an FPS or RTS for sure.

You say FPS games are boring, then you suggest an MMO… …



It’s a good idea, but it’s difficult to enjoy watching a game that you don’t understand or play yourself.
For instance, if you’re a Cvs2 player, it’ll be exciting watching two top players and all the mind games, good execution, quick reflexes, footsie games, etc. that occur in a good match.
If you’re not a CvS2 player, the game will just look like lots of walking back and forth, poking, turtling and other elements of the game that an outsider will see as boring, uninteresting, and lame.

Haven’t you ever watched a sport on ESPN, and seen them do a quick 2 minute “game explanation” that tries to give people who don’t know much about it insight into the sport in question? You see it a lot with the X-Games and stuff. That would work perfectly.

Host 1: Next up, we have the CvS2 semi-finals match between Combofiend and Justin Wong. But first, let’s go down to Christie Robertson with a quick insight into “Footsies”

Christie: Thanks, John. In CvS2, like most fighting games, there is a term called footsies that you will hear tossed around quite often. What exactly is it? Well, as players struggle to get in close to land their combos, they will often be in a mental match jockying for position.

Cut to clip of random CvS2 match

… 2 minutes later…

Host 2: Thanks Christie. We now take you to the CvS2 semi-finals between Combofiend and Justin Wong, starting right now.

Even if casual viewers don’t know the finer points of high-level fighting game play, the crowd reactions should tip them off that something big happened. It should work in the way Texas hold-em broadcasts worked- Even if you didn’t know how to play, when somebody nailed a straight on the river, you could tell the opponent going all in on two pair was fucked just by his facial expression.

I think its awsome that this is coming about and all but you know what would be awsome…

… A televised Fighting Game channel. All your combo vid shows. Expert help. Televised matches. Major tourneys. I could see it now, this would be huge.

How many of you would pay to watch a channel like that, or better yet see it on Tv for free!?!?!Well for now ill go back to postin on SRK, watchin Matchvids and playin 3rd Strike all at once. A dreams a dream miyagishin, a dreams a dream.

The Internet is my TV.

There’s already alot of televised gaming league in my cable right now. Korean warcraft, starcraft, counterstrike and European quake etc.

But it would be good to showcase fighting games.

see… people are so fucking quick to judge, did i say its just a mmorpg? did i fucking say put ff11 on Tv?

highlights of something that is as competitive as a fighting game with actual drama and not just constant fighting will stimulate peoples brain in more than one way

who the hell wud sit and watch sum1 play a game? but who likes to see drama between people, feuds between clans

Why the hell do i have to explain everything

p.s if its a fighting rpg u wont be leveling up ull be higher rank by skill

This could almost be as good as that old Gamepro game show where they put the kids IN the video games eyetoy style. But more likely it will be bad like that world gaming league thing that it just a bunch of fps and rts games.

Shit, I completely forgot about MMOFRPG drama and feuds. There’s nothing that makes for better television than two stationary characters staring at each while lines of text in caps lock flows by.

wow lines of txt? shit there was me thinking everyone had a mic and character lip syncing was possible

no fucking wonder people are amazed at new ideas… your all fucking dumb :worried:

I had a winamp stream up before with nothing but combo and match vids playing 24/7 might be time to bring it back but with some ads =]