Dirty ♪30 = bday - if this was your last birthday ever-what would you do?

(like make your own bday thread can be sad but you get to do whatever)

4 day Bday


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If it was my last birthday?

Probably something to do with tricking Isis into suicide bombing every furry/brony convention so that I could leave behind a legacy of tolerance and justice for all mankind. Probably give me nobel peace prize postmortem.

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Hey look, black for the poll bar that can grow and be more prominent,
and it shows up even on SRK:Black Theme : "anything else is uncivilized"
But I didn’t check really if you can modify poll options to underline that OTHER:

fuck, should’ve ______ lined it or something. Or put the SRGay smilies in the choice

or tried the cookiemonster…

<-- nobody go make a dumb alt acocunt with just that - or change it to your avatar right

then it blows that shit up huge like Taito’s :EEK: back in the day, shit was tight

but it was like 5 minutes to midnight. couldnt chance it


the midnight bussas


I would go in public with scissors and cut out a large portion of hair from as many women as I could. I would create a nest out of said hair then before the day is over gently fall asleep and move onto what awaits me next.

I miss taitos old av


play sf4

Happy Birthday HAX?


He began to bake a cake, but was not sure that putting decoration, put his self-portrait, but then thought that it would not be self-cannibalism liked by your guests.

NO, Shoryuken not ready for sex between monkey and glorious joker dumb, although spending in the days of old.

Tyrone and Drake kiss in the dark, it would be the gift that I deserve but if I need.



Also, you should retire yourself a stripper:


The same thing we do every birthday, Pinky. We take over the world.

I may only understand 45% of what you post, but damn if it ain’t hilarious.

Happy Birthday, man!

May you continue to shit on Tyrone for many years to come.

i would go duggar on a porn star.

Oh shit, didn’t realize it was your birthday. I must not have deciphered your post correctly.

Happy birthday man!

*Wait, Dirty Music is now 30 years old? I would have thought he was older

I never read his name as Dirty Note or Dirty Quarter. *

Happy Birthday WTF Akuma HAX!

May your finish never luster and may your wires never cross!

When I turned 30, I went to the bar with a couple friends, had a couple shots of chilled tequila with pineapple chaser which was really smooth BTW. Though if I knew it was going to be the last birthday ever, I’d probably travel to Europe or Japan and have fun there.

Not dying or anything either by the way. Just considerance of it can be downhill from here.

Nah I’m not as dope as that guy, great name, just took from his cool name applied to the “Dirty 30” but now I have to try and can improvise like that Oro of legend. It might fix up the holes where “1 quarter thru life,” is defining & in itself actually, very arcade ride or die. 1 token. Stay on the machine.

/ Woke up early on my born day
/ I’m 30 and its a blessin
/ not stressin

/ Launching fools with EX Tengus
/ I’m not messin, around when

/ my physical frame is celebrated, cuz I made it
/ 1/3rd thru life : some God-like thing created

/ Capcom character add a hundred
/ years, dirty motto
/ when he was young at this he used to do his thing hard

Fuck mentality
"A person’s status depends on salary"
And when your character gets wrecked by Chun its a malady

whats with the definition of
you lose at the character chose,
it only goes from tourney results
not playing who you want, to be carrying on tradition

packin real, hotboxin, stay faded
3s players still gettin high
Life’s a Bitch & then You die
Cuz you never know, when you’re gonna go
Life’s a bitch and then you Die

Time is Illmatic, keep at it
Pick Ryu and do DAMAGE



Happy awareness day HAX, plz don’t kill all of us.

I think I masturbated and played Diablo 2 when I got 30.
I don’t celebrate my birthday anyways so it was a day like any other.

If it was my last though, I’d probably masturbate and play Diablo 2.