Dirty Bull/Ultra 2 Setups (Video)



Hey gang. Like many of you, I’m a little disappointed in the Dirty Bull’s viability in SSF4 but since the game isn’t out until Tuesday, I’m not going to count it out entirely just yet. We’ve discovered some pretty crazy things in vanilla over time so who knows what we’ll find in Super. My hope is it’ll be more than just a mind-game utility.

So after playing around a bit yesterday, I put together this video showing all the basic Ultra 2 setups I could come up with. Since it’s so easy to jump out of, I figure we’ll have to rely on masking, hiding or baiting it most of the time (aside from FAs) and these are some of the ways to do that. Mind you, it’s not a definitive list but I’m open to suggestions for a followup video or any other constructive criticism.

Balrog/Boxer Dirty Bull Setups



I don’t have SSF4 yet, but there are several things I’ve been wanting to test out. Input might be tricky because of the 720 motion, but here are some purely theory fighter setups that came to mind:

-wake up ex rush punch xx U2: If opponent does nothing you get an ex rush punch. If he does a meaty attack, the rush punch cancels into ultra.
-deep whiffed/blocked TAP > ex rush punch xx U2: If your opponent tries to counter poke you with a normal, the rush punch gets canceled into an ultra. Otherwise you get an ex rush punch.
-If FA2 charge times were shortened by a few frames, it might be possible to TAP > FA2 > U2?
-I hear they made some adjustments to Rog’s hitbox in SSF4. Perhaps they made DSB > FA2 easier to land?
-punishing certain pokes/moves on block?


Combo into U2 is Overhead, FADC xx crumple stun dash forward dirty bull. It does crap for damage, and uses two bars, but its a guaranteed combo into ultra. There’s enough time for certain characters to reversal. i.e. guiles ex flash kick seems to be able to reversal overhead on hit sometimes when doing followups.