Dirty Days 5 results


Guess I can throw away these brackets, then…

:frowning: Where the real results? lol

Thanxz Jose & Jeff for the ride to baltimore. U guys r too kool. Feel free to drop by to visit Michael and i again anytime.

you guys chickened out. you were supposed to win in philly

Huh? I wasn’t aware that i was going to philly. But if i had a ride, i would have gone.But I’ll try to go the next big one.:slight_smile:

argh, im so tired, and i have like fifty papers and projects due. no problem, it was really fun. my pockets just kind of caved in though. i think collectively i brought/borrowed like 100 dollars and spent maybe 12 dollars in ctf and the dumplings place. the tolls and gas yoked me up for all my money/time(FUCK YOU LINCOLN TUNNEL). i wanna go back before november. this next paycheck has to goto alot of things. i owe alot of money to different people and im going to philly this weekend(driving through lincoln tunnel and paying the tolls to ny make the drive to philly seem like sex with a supermodel). oh yeah infinite, your eminem cd was in my car, we found it when we were like on the other side of the turnpike, we’ll give it to you when we come back(along with decepticon shirts). javier, you didn’t know i offered to goto philly? i thought i told you…or mike? i dunno, the money situation was kinda funny too. dirty days just plain sucked, another shitty turnout. and of the past 48 hours preceeding dd5, i slept for 7, and drove for about 12 of them. im going to bed.

Turnout was decent, whats up with the hating on mvc2 in Bmore? No one playin it at dirties days :lame: . If anyone has some web space to spare i could put up some vids of DD4, including darryn’s insane zangief :smiley: .

Dirty Dayz 5 was too Kool.
I had a great time in baltimore.
Thanxz to everyone for being very nice.

DD5 was ok:bluu: . But, mainly. this post goes out to the piece of SHIT, PUSSY MOTHAFUKKER who stole my Agetec. Yeah, that’s right, some little BITCH actually stole my joystick. I think I already talked to who might have stolen it, but am not sure. Yeah you FAGGOT, you know who you are. And, if I did talk to you about it & you are still reading this post, then that shows how much MORE of a FAGGOT you are since you couldn’t admit to me that you stole my shit. You know if you weren’t such a BITCH you would just reply to this post by admitting you took my Agetec. You can keep the joystick, I would rather just stick my foot up your BITCH ASS for stealing from my home. C’mon, I’m a pretty small guy, so what do you have to be scared of? Oh yeah, that’s right, you’re just a LITTLE BITCH.

If I’m wrong, which I doubt, maybe someone took the wrong joystick. My Agetec had a RED VMU in it. (RED VMU is also gone)

This will be my only post on this subject. I just want to know who took it. I’LL HANDLE EVERYTHING ELSE OUTSIDE THIS FUKKIN FORUM BULLSHIT.

SG out…still waiting for the BITCH to show HERself…

Damn, I forgot about the stick. BBH’s stupidity distracted me from the real post. Anyway, I’m also highly offended, because that misrepresents me. Also, Will Martin’s stick disapeared, too. These sticks better show up, becaucse if you get found out, you don’t want all three of us gunning for you. If you want to return them without repercussion, put them in my mailbox, or SG’s or something… Most of you know where I live or can find out easily. You have pretty much much single-handedly killed the tournament at this great location. Besides, to steal from someone that invites you into their home, with their girl and kid(s) around, and you violate, you deserve SEVERE punishment.

Hey darren when I last saw you you were looking at sticks and being confused mayebe you took the wrong one.And that one guy keeped taking out peoples memory cards so he could record the matches.

And whoevers kid that was was walking around hes the coolest little kid.:smiley:

Oh yeah does anyone know where we can get web space for the vids.Wait isac you put up web pages thats your job why cant you find webspace?:confused:

I put webpages up for companies that have a web server. Can’t use their servers for my own pleasures, that would be illegal :). Yo, thats messed up people are jackin other peoples shit. Only in Bmore…

It’s really dissapointing

r u guys gonna even post any results?? Sure glad Eugene didn’t go. But I hear he will be in Bmore sometime in early Nov. Sounds like the turn out for MvC2 was bitter. Too bad, thats the only game that counts, ha. who won at MvC2 anyway?

MVC2 Results:
6th-Jason"Rugal b"

It was a real shitty turnout for mvc2, which is why we usually go to philly to play :smiley: .

Yay I got last I don’t even play that game


Hey I was thinking about playing marvel in the torney but then I went outside and bought 5 dollars worth of heroin and shot up.:eek: