Dirty days results

Alright, guys. These are the results for marvel as of right now.

1st: New Md. Champ Pete - msp
2nd: Issac (I’m a working man) Graham Msp
3rd: Will (I’m single now) Martin Msp row scrub.

Pete went undefeated 3-2 4-3 soooooooo close
Va. Was late but it didn’t matter they would have filled the lower brackets.

To add on, the CVS2 top three was:

1st Rugal B.
2nd Steve
3rd Shinsay

SC2 never happened and 3rd Strike was free due to lack of players but cut short. My apologies.

Thanks everybody for coming, the next one will be in November,hopefully there will be a better turnout and more games will get done.

On an unrelated note, not that it has any impact, but I am officially retiring. I am not getting anything done, and I need to focus on more productive things. I will continue to run the tournaments with George, but that’s all.

3S results!!!

First of all I would like to say thanks to Darryn, George, and Frody for running and bringing the equipment for the tournament. It was nice to see my Bmore niggas again. 3S results were unfinished but I can post what highlights there were:

First results are:

Winners finals match up that didn’t happen
Eric “Shinshay” Lee used Chun
Steve “Terry Bogard” used Ken

Losers bracket Fight for 5th
Isaac “I now know hit recognition” Graham used Chun
Manos “I know how to play but get frustrated” used Urien/Chun

Noel “I want to be the Indonesian 3S Champ” used Urien/Oro
Waiting for his match up against another player that would
have been either:

Darryn “learning Makoto to punish all of you Scrubs” used Makoto
Jason H " I am the CvS2 champ, but 3S is okay too" used Ken
Pete L “Will Eric teach me true 3S” used Ken

Best game of the night, Rugal vs Steve…

Ken vs Ken, Rugal gave it his all…Steve was shook for a few rounds but came back to ensure victory and moved on to the winners finals.

Oh well tired now, I am going to get off.

i wish someone taped pete beating isaac
how many people showed for cvs2?
i wonder how steve got there since b-more was at a wedding? lol

:clap: :wow: :clap:

wait wtf?

pete won 1st over isaac?
will martin is single?


Yo, everybody.

Good shit to everyone that participated in the Marvel tournament. I could’ve beat some more people in 3s, but I got impatient and started fucking up my combos.My hemroids also came back too so I had to use Preperation H real quick…took too long… and I got disqualified.

Good shit to Isaac; he had me sweating during the Winners’ finals and grand finals.He also touched me… Have fun, take care, and be safe, y’all. :karate: :clap:

Oh, by the way, I played Jose for money. 2 out of 3 for 5 bucks. We played two '2 out of 3’s and I won 2-0 both of them. The first match of the second set, I PERFECTED him. Good shit, though. By the way I left some tampons lying around somewhere,has anyone seen them?

Peace out.


magneto is now the reigning cheater. too fast. but i still got more cable for you .


i think i left my mas stick there, did anyone see it? it has no bottom. :sad:

nice fucking job pete

isaac u gotta drop the career and get back into marvel

  • hevad

isaac just doesn’t give a fuck anymore. it was CoH. then it was WoW. now its fable. who really has time for marvel anyway? -_-

you bastards. play 3S.

Besides Exodus, Shinshay is my other SF3S hero :tup:

No reason to get 2nd Issac, you can beat fable in two days if you try. :looney:

Good games everyone…
I dont even remember where I placed…

Nice to play Victor again.

Issac: You almost play like Taz now Except he doesnt use Tron.I didnt even get to play you in the tournament

Will: That final match was weird…:confused:but made up for that at your place:devil: Note; as long as the power setting isnt 4 stars the outcome is about the same. Sentinel with Cap just hurts, thanks for letting me stay at your house.

Pete: You play like Remy Martin from Bama.
Our match was funny, espcially that Sent/Commando against Venom at the end of round 1. Somehow hes just able to stop the corridor with the Happy Face,Tron too:confused:I dont know… he just does, of a few reasons why I pick him.

Ill be at white marsh 4 some DDR today
( Shut UP Darren! :tdown:)

Hope everyone enjoyed that B.B.Hood weirdness:lol:

i would phrase that taz is playin like isaac


Sorry i didn’t reply earlier, work is owning me =.

Good shit to pete, and khang for teaching me hit recognition and letting me do good in 3s <3. Good seein eric/jermaine and everyone else again, gg’s until next time.

Good shit Pete and Issac!! :tup: :clap:

it was actually really good to play eugene. you have some crazy combos, and i like all your teams. i haven’t been playing in a while so i didn’t have anything clever :sad: . anyway, if you ever need a ride/place in bmore, contact me on srk.

good shit pete. i am just staying low for now. :lame:

Thanks, everyone.

I wonder when Jermaine’s going to come back up to Bmore.

Yo, what’s everyone doing this weekend? I’m bored, I want to play Marvel, but the competition is hanging very low in Maryland. We should go to Johan’s or Tom’s, like those other times.

Mmm… cheesesteak… Philly!! :tup: Let’s go! :party:

Lol, I don’t know who’s going to drive though.

Oh, and I talked to Will last night. Good to hear his voice and good to hear him laugh at my dumb shit. Love ya’, Will.

<3 Maryland.

Play Marvel.

P.S. I play like Remy Martin? Hmm… kinda’. Lol. :clap:

:devil: The next time ill be in Maryland is when the weekend the working man turns 21… Cant miss that for the world…
And yes Isaac… I am bringing my infamous triple-shot glass, and u will… let me say that again… “YOU WILL” take one for me… :clap: :encore: :party: :party: :party: ITS A CELEBRATION BITCHES!!!