Dirty d's results from orlando fl

Funny ass tourney due to bj’s placement…

all that eat a dick talk must’ve pissed him off…


2nd:edar da cheddar-storm-cable-cyc

3rd: fucking bojack owned EVERYONE with…well…hayato/cyc/sent
VERY funny

4th: jimmy-storm/sent/cammy-storm/cable/cyc

5th: ben-omega-red/storm/doom doom/storm/sent

6th:dirty d Watts…and more watts

7th: dennis-msp;p

NExt week tourney should be good if adam gets the fucking day off:bluu:

good matches guys.


Great games everyone. Next tournament will be in 2 weeks. 09/11/02. Anyone wearing red white AND blue to honor those that fell victim to the attacks by those dirty fucking terrorists can play with my roommates gekko. :wink:

One note too add

Appearently Dennis left after his first set giving me the bye, and facing Dywane.

Yeah, Bojack and his fucken’ Hayato, I swear, he’s the cheapest bitch around.

Nah, I wasn’t pissed about the Eat dick shit. I just wanted to prove to Mixup and every one else that Hayato (my fave MvC2 character) has good potential. Just think of how good I’d be if I took real characters seriously. Hey next time, remind to bust out my Roll and Servbot teams. I swear, the shittier the character, the better I do.

Correction, you didn’t get a bye, Dennis was disqualified meaning you automaticly win the match.

Hey Bojack since you do better with low tier characters next tournament you should bust out Servebot/Roll/Zangief. You’ll be unstoppable! :smiley:

Show everyone what Geifneato is all about. :lol:

But seriously good job on getting 3rd with Hayato! Mad props to you bro!


see, i told u that u need to come out of town…jesus, sombody stop bojack already!

Oh and bj, wtf did you steal that guys quarters for man?

That shit is low, pathetic, and it’ll get you killed…

Hey, it was a misunderstanding. I thought that Dennis had left quarters behind. I’ve paid him back in full. I gave him a five for the 3 bucks in quarters. If I’d know they weren’t Dennis’s I’d never have touched them. Besides, odds are Bshido Heat would’ve taken them. I didn’t touch them until Bshido Heat started asking about them. Which means they were about to become Bshido Heats anyways.


Hmm no… I don’t steal just a bunch of quarters that aren’t mine. I only asked them if they were yours because I didn’t want anyone taking them.

But your right… it’s just a big miss understanding… a whole bunch.

I know for a fact ben don’t steal. he could of walked off with my Mas stick and 5 games. there is no miss understanding you simple don’t go into peoples houses and take things you shouldn’t even be touching things in the first place that was pretty Eat a dick worthy…

Yes, I know it was wrong. I swear to never touch quarters again.


I don’t think Bojack has learned his lesson. See how he mocks you all? “I swear I’ll never touch quarters again…” I’d have Bosco stab his hand with a fork if that were me he was talking to.

Dude, if I hadn’t learned my lesson I wouldn’t have gone over and paid him back in more than full the next day like I did. I’m not a bad guy I swear.

And no, I’m not mocking people, I’m serious, I’m not gonna touch any one else’s quarters again for the rest of my life.

I’m fucking with you Bojack.

I don’t know…
Anybody who walks around with a RAIPER sounds pretty fishy to me:eek: :confused:

:mad: :mad: :mad:
Carry on…

Oh ok, no prob man.


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Sorry for being a fucking retard. I can’t help being a moron. Believe me, I really do wish I could.