Dirty Jersey MVC3! 02/19/2011 Ultra short notice edition!


shit happend


im there


I’ll go just to spectate. If you want an extra 360 I’ll bring mine, but I don’t have Mvc3 :[


every1 bring yo STICKS


that would be awesome

and yes everyone. bring yo sticks!




hopefully i can make it out. will this be as crazy as the last one?

btw some shit went down and i dont have a car atm so ill need a ride.


How early can we show up?

I can bring a 360 with Mahvel 3, if you need me to,
depending on if I go.


Not sure on my plans yet, but will definitely try to be there.


No not as crazy as last time. before it was a slash poolfest/fund raiser/ torunament/ beerpong tournament. This time its just a video game tournament

also grandfinals of last tourney has been added to first post


is there gonna be any casuals and like the guy above me said how early can u show up also is this gonna be double elimination


and bring yo DAMN TV bring as many TV as u can


Damn, I really wish I could go but I don’t have a way of getting there.


You don’t have a way of going one town over?


I need a car to get there. If I could walk over there I would but it’s too far.


7:30 is the earliest you guys can show up.