Dirty Jersey SSF4 Tournament! Clifton , NJ - 06/27/2010 RESULTS

I’m super tired. Had a huge turn out. It wasnt only the street fighter crew that came to get that money, some for beerpong, some for the pool,some for the 2 kegs of beer that tapped out right before the night was done and some to draw in the cops at 10 to try and kick everyone out.

SSf4 2v2
1 Team Asian(chris hu/henry cen) : $64.00
2 All Cats Go To Hell (mr.quotes/marlin pie) : $16.00
3 All Dogs Go To Heaven 2 (min/nerd josh)
4 Team KDZ
5 Team Random Connection
5 To Infinity and Beyond
7 Team Cooltastic
7 Pot Masters

Ssf4 singles
1 Chris Hu : $133.00
2 Henry Cen : $38.00
3 Nerd Josh : $19.00
4 Min
5 Adnan
7 Chris Zero Cool
7 MarlinPie
9 Dizzy
9 Kayoto
9 Zart
9 Frantastic
13 Sarge
13 JS Zombie
13 Fresh boii
13 Dynicksty (Forfeited)
17 Yorai Dragon
17 Rich Chakl
17 Meyhem
17 Draxblood

Beer pong singles (out of 8)

Beer pong doubles(8 teams)
1)cheeky guys
2)the dutch brothers
3)team “small tits”

Thank you everyone for coming out. I’m so tired right now. Stay tune for another, slightly toned down “dirty jersey 2” :razzy:

lol at team small tits

Great tourney Arma will definitely be there next time! Thought certain people who said they would be there didn’t show… also how you gonna have a jersey house party/pool party and stay at home in Jersey. :confused: You too Erik I saw you stream monstering saying you were in there! WHERE YOU AT! lol

Had a blast, drank too much in the beginning without eating but some BBQ and a gallon of water fixed that. Shoutouts to everyone that entered, lets keep stepping our shit up guys! Mad upsets yesterday!!! EAST COAST IS TOO FUCKING HYPE!!:lovin:

good shit guys. ill be there next time. i wish i wasnt rushed out so i couldnt sign up for singles or stick around for any of the other things going on.

i left early yesterday cos by the time doubles start me and jamie were pooped so we bounced. had a great time none the less. next time, dont have moe’s band play in the backyard… i could have told u that would be a horrible idea. loud ass music, quiet neighborhood, on a sunday night? AHHHH

hope you made out well for the transmission.

elvie <3

Since I live 5 min away I decided to come to this. This tourney was hype enough said.
Arma-thank for having us at your crib man.
Draxblood- thanks for playing casual with me with your bison. Yeah u2 Is alot better than u1.
Dizzy- good job eliminating me with chun Li, at least I became a little more experience with the matchup
Frantastic- lolz at u screaming freeeeee I think the whole house heard u everytime u screamed it
Adnan- 4 in a row in our beer pong match really? Haha good job
Everyone else I met- thanks for the casual for both ssf4 and mvc2
People who ran both ssf4 singles and beer pong singles-gj running around guys and knowing each individual in the your tourney.

How did I not even play in singles and still get 13th?

A first round bye with your first opponent in losers forfeiting when he saw your name?


Had a good time, shout outs to all the people I played and/or had conversation with. It was pretty annoying getting used to the TVs, but it’s on me since I play on a HDTV at home. I know SDTV is typically the standard. Next time there’s a tourney like this I will show up earlier so I can get some practice in and get used to the different timing. Not being able to do c.lp,c.lp x tatsu on a live stream is kinda embarassing…LOL

With that said shout outs to Miguel for being a dope host. If you’re host of any other tournaments I plan on attending.

Shout outs to

Chemist4hire - GGs. You and the guy I played before gave me a lot of games to get used to the TVs.

Dizzy - Good Chun Li man GGs. I know it’s a tough match up, but just keep playing. I was rooting for you vs that Blanka, tough lost. Nice meeting you.

Min - Your bison is real sick. Made me look free. I am anxious to run that back the next time we meet up.

Nerd Josh - Cool dude. Next time my Akuma won’t be so free to that Ibuki. I’ll have a better strategy and more knowledge of the match!

Marlin - I’ve always wanted to play you, so it was good that finally went down. You have the best Viper I’ve seen. I’m disappointed my execution wasn’t up to standards, but I’m glad I won.

Dynicksty - GGs man. I actually thought those matches would be free because I know the Balrog match very very well. It was a good back and forth set. I enjoyed playing you. You’re clutch.

Fran - On some real talk I did not think I’d like you very much going by how you be on the streams sometimes, but I was pleasantly surprised. You are a real cool and friendly guy. Thanks for teaming with me. I played like absolute crap, but those fights did help me get warmed up . Nice meeting you man.

If anyone is interested in playing me on XBL or anything please hit me up. L7 Zero Cool is the GT. See ya’ll around. God bless.

I just copied and pasted what was left in the tournament maker program.

Thank you all for coming out, glad you all had a great time. I thought more people would want to jump in the pool :sweat:to make that water salty, but i guess when you have street fighter with the A/c blasting it doesnt seem all that tempting.

If anynoe has suggestions on how it could have been better, let me know. I might be running bi-weeklys or something with ONLY street fighter. I don’t think my house can stand after another one of those.

This tourney had the highest concentration of 8-gate joysticks I’ve seen in my life!!!

Tourney was fun, met some cool people, I’ll be sure to hit the pool and stay 'till the end for the next one.
Dirty Jersey it’s where it’s at Good job Darth

someone pick me and Mike up next time! getting to jersey is rough.

brb watching me choke x_x

also i would suggest lowering venue to $5 if possible, since i imagine you wont have to supply food and drink and beer at the following tourneys you decide to throw, this would be optimal.

That is very nice of you to say actually because I am not very confident in that matchup! Hopefully we can get some more games in next time!

Videos are just about done minus Grand finals.

Singles Playlist: YouTube - Broadcast Yourself.
Teams Playlist: YouTube - Broadcast Yourself.

Because you were entered into the bracket and then you left before it started. I switched your spot to a bye/forfeit.

I had way too much fun at this. I think i might be a beer pong prodigy. Also, good shit to everyone that showed up even if it wasn’t for super. :tup:

Hope to see one of these again soon

yeah was fun, but all in all i srsly still need to work on my execution.

if anyone can give us a ride to Jersey, we’d gladly come through. Nice to see more people hosting tourney’s now. This is what I’m talkin about.