Dirty Jersey SSF4 Tournament! Clifton , NJ - 06/27/2010

This shit happend. Be sad you didnt go!!!

im there :smiley:

Count me in

Pool Party, SSFIV Tournament Teams and Singles, and a BBQ. This Summer Just became more godlike. I’ll be there.

I’m in there!

Trying to make it down for this!

wow an advertisement for a sausage fest…i’ll be there

who will be providing the white girls?


ill be there mr arma! cant fuckin wait gunna be hype!!!:looney:

Sounds like some good shit, I’ll try to be there.

I’ll see what I can do my friend. I’m already on it. you’ll most likely want to stick around for the festivities after the street fighter event. :cool:

I’m there

ill be there fo sho.

hey I don’t know you and you don’t know me. couple questions:

Are you really cool with having complete strangers come to your (I’m assuming) pool and house?
Can the venue fee be waived if we bring like hot dogs/beer/etc. (over $10 worth?)

^ What he said and is this still going down, sounds like pretty good…

word, i’ll try to make it there.

Please bring a lot of beer.

this is gunna be mad fun. hopefully i can learn a few things out here. ive been to tournaments and shit but i dont really know ya guys so much so that would be cool chillin and all. thanks arma dopest idea ever. I was actually thinkin about it but we aint openin up my pool. dope someone else thought of the idea also.

The offer is great but I need the 10 per head. I’ve got a few people working for me on this event. But if you wanna bring anything (everyman loves his burger) you are more than welcomed to do so

This event is def still going on. Team spooky :woot:is coming to stream the event so its OFFICIAL. Hope to see you guys sunday

That’s what’s up =D, will do my best to get there. I get off of work at 2:30pm on sunday, so I won’t be there early =c