Dirtydays results.Batlimore torney


1st.Javier Chorrillos(Khameleon) apex points:100000000000000000
2nd.Jose"Bmoresentinal"Lopez apex points:1
3rd.Micheal Williams(-=Infinite=-)apex points:.5
4th.gregIm so shittyThomas(jason biggs) no points for greg cause hes shitty.
5th.Izacc I look to crazy for a web cam.
6th.james "why the hell did I rank higher than the guy below me"
7th.Darren felton.
8th Tobey wish I was mcquire.`
Ok there fixed,greg your so shitty.


I had fun at the tournament.
Baltimore players are mad kool.

Hopefully,i’ll comeback for the next tournament.


i placeds higher than Issac because when i was fighting he was already eliminated…hahahahhahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaahahahahahahh…and i don’t even play that game that shit is 2222222222222222222222222222222 funny



James, as you can see i got a better place than you :). Don’t worry, everyone loses sometimes, i take my losses like a man, i just got outplayed yesterday, but i wont ever lose to you like a certain someone :smiley: .


Yeah you guys just dont know that jame sis the best mvc2 player in bmore and greg is shitty.
^ ^


Mayebe next time Ill be there to play you guys.So come down next time.


heh, maybe but you will have to play me in some money games



sorry i didn’t get to stay longer. i want to play some money games next time. khameleon is just toooo good for us md players :o . but…im gonna have something for you guys next time :evil:. jeff plays a mean BH. he actually lives up to his srk name, as i don’t. there’s just a certain limit to what you can learn when you don’t have an arcade or a fast internet connection for combo/tourney vids.

p.s. - mad FUCKING props to -=Infinite=- for using Athena.


thatnks,this we shall see, lolz Athena is the best i tell you. Athena=Fast version of Sagat


My apologies to those waiting for official results, I was going to post them at 7 AM when I got here to work, but someone seems to have taken them out of my bag. I hope that was after I got home, so I can do it tonight. Anyway, thanks to everyone for coming. I would have had a blast had I not been playing like a retarded leper with a concussion:o . I will definitely be looking for =Infinite= when I get my shit together. Need to dust off the DC and get my $5 dollars back.:lol:

And Saturn Gamer, make me a copy of me losing to James:o :frowning: :o :frowning: :o :frowning: :o :frowning: , so I can remember to never fuck around like that again. I just have to watch it sparingly, with no laces in my shoes, or near any razors or guns.


BTW, T.Bonne stills sucks raw ass, and I :frowning: wn joo…


:smiley: . Don’t worry, im always bringin the lunch rush wit me boy. You shall soon fear the gun! :). BTW, GREAT TOURNEY GUYS!!! I loved the setup, these tourneys just keep gettin better and better.


Lunch rush. Pffft! Anyway, I’m going back to the lab. This is where I turn the DC on, abandon my other time-consuming hobbies (too many to list) then suddenly start destroying fools again. I will own the city again in about… 67 hours. Was going to work overtime, but I’ll go home and learn how to kill T. Bonne assists in 1 combo, besides the ways I do it now.

This messgae was brought to you by H.C.I.C.K.T.F.G.K.T.F.O.*

*How Come Isaac Can’t Keep Tron From Getting Knocked The Fuck Out?


Basically I thought this tournamnet was the most amusing one that has been planned yet…Tripleagent i’m sorry i took your heart but i’ll put a quote on here GT 3/20/02 “I’ll go to the lab and own your ass in cvs2 and any other games that u play but you can go to the lab as long as you want and you will never ever beat me in MVC2” I never went to the MVC2 lab and i still won in a tournament no less after you decided it was a free win for yourself…:eek: So I think you should go up to the lab and lock yourself in there until you can come out with a way to get your pride back i mean you never beat me in cvs2…And you play that way more than i play marvel. Hell i don’t even own a copy of marvel thats the free game i want mvc2…



ps:“Fuck around and get shot”:bluu:

  1. NEVER EVER IN YOUR LIFE let me catch you playing MVC2 again. I will play a real team, (I played Juggs, Strider, Thanos, my joke team) and give you the Suge Knight treatment. At Dirties Day 5 I will pay your entry and I have you first round. Double OCV. Better yet, let’s ask Eric to do it at Summer Jam. Might as well have a bye.

  2. I detest that boring, unskillful ass CVS2, that’s why I QUIT PLAYING IT a long time ago, but it looks like I have a reason to give a shit now. Remember, you brought it on yourself.

Stay chizzle.:mad:


NEWS FLASH: TripleAgent is on the CVS2 warpath women and and children run go save yourselves everyone leave the scene it’s over “guess who is back” how long will it take this player with all of his skills to get to the top of the CVS2 world surely it should take longer than by the time cvcs3 comes out. I mean since you are the 2nd most skilled player in the MD/Va area i would think a game like cvs2 would be a walk in the park for someone with your combination of mindtricks,handskills, and overall elite tactics not to mention if you “sit at home an practice RCing like Will” then i’m sure you would be a beast…

I never told you to use juggs/thanos/strider as your2nd team at 1st you had storm/silver sam/and i think it was cyke…not a bad team. It was a tournament it’s a game i don’t play hell I only play cvs2 at tournaments so if your upset that you lost to me in MVC2 you should be because i don’t play it now if you want a real challenge since you brought it up whatever happened to our cvs2 money game challenge that was your idea…But now i guess your mad cus you lost as i would be if i bragged all the time then lost to a scrubb (i am a scrub at mvc2) so since i won’t pay to enter that game at summerjam and since i don’t evne like that game why not come back and beat me in the game i play which is cvs2 since i beat u in the game that u play which was MVC2 :eek:



Can’t we all just get along? :slight_smile:

O yea, darryn you goin to summerjam? I know james is goin, i actually got some top secret tron shit im gonna be bustin out :). Don’t doubt the rush boy!

PS-Again, props on the tourney, if you guys need any help settin up the next one just give a brotha a yell.


So true,hehe:D

lol, well then do what you have to do but how about we up the bet to 10 or 20$?:evil:


oh and Baltimore Chun is tii giid in mvc2:D glad to see you did good in it and nice shit in cvs2


You play a CVS2 team with 1 2nd tier(Strider), 1 3rd(Jugg), and 1 low 3rd, high 4th(Thanos), against me with 2 top (Sent, Cable), and 1 2nd tier(CapCom), and watch ME BEAT YOUR ASS. I did you a favor and you gloat. :rolleyes: Enjoy it while you can. And as far as me playing CVS2, I don’t care if I ever supercede you in general, but I will get to the point where you have to respect my shit. Also, if I wanted to nitpick, I could have changed teams after -=Infinte=- and Khameleon blatantly told you how to beat my joke team(run away with flight, no AAA) before the game:lame:. I just wanted to make the game fair. And for the record, I never bragged, although I do own you in MVC2, and in CVS2, you’re just ahead of my game for now. If I held down and mashed Fierce as well as you do, I’d the top CVS2 player in MD now, because unlike you, I have “mindtricks, [superior] handskills and l33t tactics”, not just a few 1 or 2 button characters and loads of time to practice, a car and play at GT once or twice a week. Translation: I am more naturally skilled than you, you just try. :wink: :stuck_out_tongue:

As far as Summer Jam, I’ll pay for that, too. After I bury you and dance on your grave, you can just drop out.

As far as money, I have it now, so if you’re thinking that you having MVC2 skill had ANYTHING to do with you getting anything done, I’ll play you equal games in both, ANY AMOUNT OF MONEY YOU HAVE PER GAME. I’m thinking 5 games each $50 a game. I have $500 to put up, assuming you can win all 10 games. I’m thinking you might break even if I’m having a really bad day and not win one game of CVS2(unlikely, I think I’ll walk away with $100).