Watch, then discuss.



Must you try (and I use that word very loosely in your case) to troll every thread?


I thought this was going to be a thread about dacidbro


If more people knew what the Punisher actually did, less children would be allowed to wear his logo.

Frank Castle is a piece of shit. Cap hated that nigga for a reason.

Edit: I’m not saying I don’t like the character but the movie Falling Down is loosely based on The Punisher.

Edit #2: Just because RockB liked this I’m gonna add that there’s no way the Punisher could be anything but white. White people are the craziest. :rofl:


Word. Stood there like it was MMA or some shit.


I feel the need to say the cliche “I didn’t see you running to the rescue.”


Too bad they didn’t show the part with the little girl.
Otherwise that was a pretty nice fulfillment of all my fantasies.


That shit was sick.


Or maybe the part where he let the girl get raped off camera. Real classy Franky baby.



Also sad how a youtube video is better than any of the Punisher movies put out this far…

Because man, those Punisher movies was straight garbage… and I’m personally a fan of the Punisher’s douchebaggery…


I like the stereotyping and mild racism bruvs.


gah damn, the last dude got fucked up.:wow:

hmm… give me a sec:coffee:


wait how did the little boys wounds heal so fast?



I welcome a reboot or sequel to the Punisher if it was tied to the Marvel Universe rather than have be in its own world. The brutality in the trailer was sweet, but kinda unsure about the latent racism.


Rabble rabble rabble rabble racism!

Am I the only one who knows the difference between the words racism and stereotype?

For those who never open their eyes, stereotypes more often than not come from common truths be they pleasant or unpleasant.
Racism on the other hand just stems from flat out ignorance.

Edit: I can see how dumb people would get the two confused.


At this point I want to know who makes the bottles for Jack Daniels…:wtf:


Gonna make a vid with overtaken OST at the end.


The suicidal aspect of the Punisher isn’t explored enough :frowning:


That was awesome. I like Thomas Jane too, hes a dope actor who doesn’t get enough good roles. This looks like its gonna be pretty good.


wasn’t punisher a giesha in a parallel universe?