Disable audio processing

Being that I normally listen music while playing, I turned down all the volumes in the option dialog, but I still hear some sounds.
So, is there a way to disable the processing of the audio, so that I would have complete silence and maybe a performance boost?

Obviously I’m playing on pc.

http://sf4mods.pbworks.com/Music or

Alternately if you don’t want to edit game files or just want an easy way to turn BGM off when you want, and have it on when you want, use this address in cheat engine:

.00A4A700 float - 0 = mute

See this thread for how to use cheat engine: http://forums.shoryuken.com/showthread.php?t=197638

This only cuts out the music.

Oh, thought that was all you wanted… well I can find out what addresses relate to the other volumes if you want.

edit: so I just looked:

.00A4A704 = SE Volume
.00A4A708 = Voice Volume

These two aren’t bugged though, you turn them down to 0 in the game sound settings and they actually go to 0 (at least in the steam version of the game), so the only value that needs changing through cheatengine is the BGM one - I guess you could add all 3 just to save a few seconds of time though maybe.

Thank u. It would be extremely useful.
But isn’t there a way to disable the audio processing( not the volume) in the configuration files? Normally I find it in every game…

I am curious why you would want to turn off sound effects in a fighting game. It seems to me (and I could be wrong) that not having sound effects would make hit confirms really hard to detect. Just honest curiosity.

afaik sf4 doesn’t have one of these, I would guess they put all these settings in your save game file which is really complicated to edit (and won’t contain an audio processing off switch anyway), though like I said, the game is bugged so what it thinks is ‘0’ bgm volume is actually 0.1 (1 being loudest). So best options imo are to turn sound effects and voice volumes down to 0 in game options and then either get rid of/edit your music files (to get rid of music permanently), or edit the bgm address I gave you in cheat engine every time you start the game. End result for both is zero in-game sound though.

Use Vista or Windows 7, check the volume mixer, mute SFIV. Simple! Most likely won’t boost performance, but you’ll get your silence.

Good idea! I forgot about the mixer. :smiley:
So, we found the way to mute the game. Now we have to find the way to totally disable the audio, so that we can have a performance boost( which would be extremely useful, being that I play on a very crappy computer… ) :smiley:

I don’t believe it’s possible without actually modifying the game’s exe which is protected.