Disable replays on 2DF?

I’m still waiting for my stick to come back from Hori, and I’d really rather people didn’t watch me try to play on pad, lol. I’m not comfortable with my shit being recorded period unless it’s a tournament, frankly.

i thought you were better on pad :-\

you need to get yourself together lol…your slackin LOL!!!

I was a KB warrior for too long :frowning:

Hadn’t used pad since I was like 12, and I wasn’t half as good as I remember on it. Multiple button presses and shit are a nightmare. It’s not even that I’m losing a ton or anything. I’m just not playing anywhere near my best, and I don’t need that shit archived online for everyone and their mom to see, lol. Bad enough that it gets posted in chat, but that shit is saved and filed.

Hori said they sent my stick back on the 22nd of May, but it’s almost July now. I e-mailed them, and they said it’s “under review”. Massive failure.

All I wanna do is kill some time, not put myself open for review, lol.

LOL ah i see what you mean…i thought you were better on pad anyways execution wise…but hey i hope you get that thing ASAP man and get some games in again man not much comp on 2df…the only serious comp i have on there is tenren even though i know theres more…but ppl dont challenge me like they used to :frowning:

Yeah, I haven’t seen too many good players like I did when I used to frequent IRC.

I have the stick version of the same problem from playing exclusively on keyboards for over 6 years. But think I’m slowly getting used to moving my wrist instead of fingers.

Yeah, the 3S comp’ isn’t all that great, but the ST comp’ is surprisingly decent for the most part.

What I would do, make another account, and just play on that one until your stick is back. Let the crappy version of yourself be it’s own persona.

YES IM GONNA STALK YOU NAW and laugh at your replays

you grossly overestimate your presence on teh interwebz m8. nobody cares about u sucking at a video game. it won’t make front page news on every media outlet. get a grip

Of course not. I’m just not particularly comfortable with it. I’m neurotic about this sort of shit.

Why aren’t you just playing on kb.


A) I don’t think I can go back after trying stick for so long. It’s just wayyy easier buffering shit and moving around on stick even if my consistency sucks right now
B) My PC shorted out months ago, and I’ve been using my laptop. Laptop keyboards are god awful for any kind of gaming

Obviously :bgrin:

I just play on kaillera while I stick train. I play Breakers Revenge on 2df since that game is 4 buttons so I can use a regular psx pad on it.

all this fervor over LION crushing fools multiple times and it being recorded

if you wanna empathize with real problems, think of all the people watching my videos too look for holes in my game,and tryiing too stratagize for the bully that is…

To beat you, all anybody ever needs is to be able to do a dragon punch consistently. Just play it like Alpha 2 or Breaker’s Revenge.

a wise strategy
ill bet you cant implement it too success

I lol’d

i guess your practicing to parry as if your life depended on it…i laugh at you now and forever HAHAHAHAHAHA…oh wait =\ HO HO HO HO HO HO HO HO HO HO

dummy lol

Heh, I just played a match against someone from Taiwan and the ping was 388 or so. Even with this 2df fantastic connection and the least delay i’ve ever experienced, I can see how I wouldn’t want people to watch this match since there are limits no matter how good the program connects the game. LOL!