Disabling Turbo from stripped V3 SA pcb?

I have a main pcb from a V3 SA that I put into a test box. I wired up everything just fine, and only needed to solder two points of Guide and GND for the extra button that I needed. The problem is that all the attack buttons have Turbo on by default. Being that I don’t have the Control Panel/daughterboard, I cannot disable it through that method.

I used this image to solder the points I needed mentioned above:

There is no turbo for Start or Home, so those work just fine. I’m thinking I somehow need to ground the turbo spot/button. I just don’t know where to solder to do that, or disable it in general.

Thanks in advance!

Can you scan a picture of the turbo daughterboard from the V3 SA? if you can take a good scan of it and post it up, I can poitn out what to connect where to turn it off.

Damn, I don’t even have the V3. I posted up in another thread asking for help about it for a friend. But ultimately I just replaced the pcb with a Paewang for him. He let me keep the V3 pcb.

Assuming though that the bottom-left set of points in the pcb pic in the OP follows the same pattern where the top is VCC and bottom is GND (http://www.flickr.com/photos/sdtekken/4221356233/), is there a test method I can do by touching wires from one spot to the other? I know this isn’t the ideal method. Assuming though that I did get you the scan (probably not possible this week, at least), what would be the method to disabling the Turbo? Same as what I mentioned of GND > Turbo?

I know it’s not the same, but perhaps they have similar builds. I do have a full 360 VX SA to work with.

I have a scan of the board from a VX SA, but I dont know how they differ since I’ve never opened it up nor seen a scan of that daughterboard

On the VX SA, here are the points involved:
1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 13, 14: These are the turbo slider commons, one for each button.
10, 7: These are the signals for the far left (no turbo) slider position. Each one is for half of the buttons.
To set each of them at no turbo, you would need to connect all 10 of those points together.

If that does it, awesome. If not, that’s the best I can do without a scan of the daughterboard. So please, if you try based on those pin numbers, make sure it can be easily reversed.