Disapointed with the netcode

I don’t know how they took so many steps down from SF4 :frowning:

Anybody else noticing a culture of posters with small post counts and fairly recent join dates, going out of their way to say something unpopular? I used to think the treatment of newer posters was brutal but I’m starting to see a consistency here.

??? I know the netcode is probably meh, but I know it’s not a step DOWN from SF4… SF4’s was bad, I know for sure MvC3 won’t be worse though. Capcom isn’t SNK or some shit.

Cool story. I’m sure that all of SRK feels for you.

It wouldnt suprise me if some of the accounts were the same person Kalyx.

u cant make a netcode worse than sf4 netcode

Go play KOFXII

I find the culture of sock accounts fascinating.

being that sf4 net code isn’t nearly as bad as everybody says it is. I’m sure this net code is more than adequate. If I’ve learned anything about this place its that people WILL over exaggerate everything.

kof xii

I don’t understand the bashing of sf4’s netcode, not that I’m a tournament player, but I never had a problem executing a combo with really tight frames. But if you thought sf4 was terrible I don’t know what you’ll make of MVC3’s.

We know for certain it’s not as bad as SF4’s.

you should return your game if the netcode is that bad and you don’t have any locals to play. i’m serious. speak with your wallet

don’t people always make bad reports about netcode before release and then it always ends up different on release? often times with a launch day patch or something?

I have low expectations for this game’s netcode in the first place, but I think maybe you should wait until there is actually a significant number of people playing the game online before you come to conclusions. Just a thought.

yea, when sf4 first came out people said it was a great netcode…

wait till official launch then see it improves

Your intelligence is wasted in here.

As I see it.

Or maybe it’s because hardly anybody will be online yet.

Or maybe they’re whiny little fuckswho live in countries with shit infrustructures.


Not sure why in the world it would get better when it actually comes out, but then again, none of these replies make a lot of sense.