Disappearing Cable

Didn’t see a thread that I could put this in so I made a new one.
Not much you can do from it, but it’s still pretty cool
…sorry the torrets kicked in… just click the damn link!

it could just be the bad lighting from the tv and how it recorded but i couldnt see him disappear looked like he stepped into the light :lol:

Yeah, I even saw the punch rush that was used for the cross up ~.~

You still get to go either high/low/throw on opponent landing though.

I would still be wary of counter hits using anything but c.lp.

lol yeah he doesn’t actually disappear, I just said that as a joke. What is actually happening is this…

as they get popped up by the BH-B assist, you dash with cable, do his f+RH move. The step in kick actually makes him step off of the screen so that when you cancel to a special (like the command grab in this case) he pops back in the screen to grab them.

not a lot you can use it for. probably only the command grab or skimitar would work, but it has crowd pleasing potential.

jajaja nice