Disappointed by MADCATZ Fightpads quality

Alright i got a little rant to do. I owned 3 or 4, honestly i lost count, of the classic MadCatz Fightpads with USB (like this one). They all only lasted a couple of months until the USB stick stopped working for no apparent reason. What do you do if this 50 cent component stops working? Of course you buy a complete new pad (if you happen to find one for a reasonable price since their availability in the EU is so bad for some reason). So finally i’ve had enough and bought the cable one (the slightly smaller SFxTekken version) and of course I loved it! Same quality (the pads generally make a very solid impression) but without the wanky USB component and looking totally bad ass. I thought i’d be settled for life. But behold, today this piece of crap started malfunctioning, too! Everytime i press two certain buttons together they don’t stop signaling the pressed signal. Must be an electronical issue or whatever.

I mean what do you expect, MADCATZ? That i buy another one of your products now? Maybe give you 70 € for the new generation pad? Nah, i’m not mad… I’ve seen Hori has some decent pads, too.

There’s been a lot of good buzz around the Hori Fighting Commander pads. The FC4 is $30 on Amazon, but the newest version (which is known simply as “Fighting Commander”) has also been well received and is $50. I just ordered it today myself. I’ll report back once I’ve spent time with it, but I’m sure a review of it exists around here somewhere (this is my first post in a very long time).

i have this same issue too… TWO OR MORE BUTTONS TOGETHER and they do not stop signaling the pressed signal for some seconds… i really like this sfxtk fightpad otherwise… damn, but this issue is really annoying… so i got some questions for you guys:

  • how many of you have noticed this bug too?

  • what can i do about this? do modders on this forum know about this? help me , please… i need some suggestions because as i said i really like this pad… thanks guys.

i think i could buy some already modded sfxtk ps3 and 360 fightpad , without this weird issue if possible, of course… thanks .

The FC4 has had problems with the O button sticking.

Here’s my take on the new Fighting Commander:


Mine stopped working after a few weeks due to a defective d-pad. The down and right directions failed to register consistently, even in side-scroller games. A few other people have reported issues as well, so it looks like it might be a roll of the dice to see if you get a solid one, or a defective one.

Honestly, I use the DS4 almost exclusively now. Even on PC with x360ce, it works pretty good.

I can completely see why people go with arcade sticks. They are expensive up front, but in the long run can be much cheaper. My preference is with a controller, and the DS4 is doing the trick.

Edit: FWIW, I do not currently run ads on my youtube to generate income, so I am not shamelessly plugging my video. It’s just easier to have a video format to explain everything and then just answer questions accordingly.

My HFC is still working fine, I had mine since January, only issue I have is that I’d accidentally press the shoulder buttons from time to time. I found the dpad to be stiff at first, it has loosen up a lot after 3 months of use.

The sf5 madcatz pads are indeed crap. After 4 weeks mine started falling apart and I returned it for a refund. A couple buttons were sticking in and the circle button had complety lost any spring. The supplier was super cool about it and refunded straight up when I told them I didn’t want a replacement. I don’t think it was the first return they had.

I also hated the D pad design and was using the thumb stick instead.

anyone? is it fixable? thanks again.

The best place to ask those kinds of questions is in the absolute Q&A thread.

lotta experienced modders that don’t look in every topic frequent that thread. You won’t always get an answer, but it’s worth a shot.