Disappointed in Feis walk speed and dash recovery

Fei seems like he’s built around speed and when I first started playing, before I went into training mode with different characters, I thought Fei was fast. That’s false of course.

Why did they tease us with Feis dash animation being so fast only to tack on extra frames at the end to put the speed of it in the middle of the cast?

Why does this light weight fighter who dances on the balls of his feet move at the same speed as Ryu who keeps his back foot planted on the ground?

I wonder how much better Fei would have been if his dash frames coincided with his dash speed and if he walked at a faster speed?

I totally agree…ugh fix him Capcom!!!

while your point is well taken, this hardly needed its own thread. this will be your third thread created in the fei forums within a couple weeks which is relatively useless. please stop making your fei long cry/whine/bitch/moan threads.

whenever a mod finds the time to close this fail piece of shit, i hope it comes with some form of infraction against you

Wow @ the hostility. You need to tone that down man. Not every thread made needs to please you.

granted, it should please at least one person. brief glimpse at more posts by desert reveal that you have absolutely nothing of value to say. ever. in fact, it is a wonder that you have not been banned or infracted as of yet. you are not funny or clever, and every random thought that enters your brain, is not meant for the consumption by the rest of SRK.

welcome to my ignored list, as i am sure you will not develop a sense of usefulness in the near future. however, if you feel the need to get the last word in, go right ahead.(in fact i am sure that you will) just know that i will not be reading any more of your ignorance ladden nonsense. enjoy the rest of your short stay on SRK

^The only type of threads you create. Threads are for helping others level up with said character with their gameplay, strats and suggestions and by sharing more factual objects. Not disappointments or something of that context. If the character does not appeal to you, then go pick someone else.

Your OP is about how disappointed you are on Fei’s walk speed/dash recovery. That’s it. How does this benefit anyone? What are you sharing that everyone already doesn’t know? You needed a thread for what? Your opinion?

Mods please close/delete thread for irrelevancy.

imo the only mistake TC made is opening a new thread instead of posting this in the SF4dash FeiLong thread.

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dude, really now, what the fuck does it matter how many threads are created? This place isn’t going to run out of internets or anything. If you get this worked up over something as trivial as other people starting up threads that are similar to others on a message board, you really need to go outside more. Oh, you put him on your ignore list? Omgud d00d, you’re such an e-badass. You’re the envy of all the other uptight fucking elitists in this place. I see you’re an 09er…I guess the SRK-snob mentality spreads like AIDs around here.

Well the more useless threads in this forums, the more pain in the @$$ it becomes to try and find good information. So it makes sense to discourage useless posting. Some people like to keep things organized and neat and not cluttered and messy like your bedroom. Catch my drift?

useless thread? It was discussing a specific topic about this character, which was actually open for discussion. If these kinda threads belong inside other threads that are stickied, what the fuck is the rest of the forum supposed to be about?

  • Thread: “Do you think Fei Long should have tri-colored pants for SFIV Dash?”

  • "Omguh wh4t in da fuck aRe j00 do1nG? dare’s alreade a “Fei Long aTrribUtez” tHreaDd stikki3d atd deh top, stup1d nu0b. "

Why don’t the mods just make us unable to post threads and we should all post in stickies like all these l33tist retards want us to…

…and also what the fuck does it matter, dude? Look at what you’re bitching about. Is it so fucking hard to click page 2 at the top of the page to see the amazingly epic threads that this thread devastatingly bumped down? Can’t everybody here in SRK just quit being so fucking anal about this shit? Is it a rule here that everyone must be fucking dicks about every little thread that could be vaguely related to an already stickied one? It’s one fucking thread, just ignore it, douchebag.

It’s not so much the single thread you posted, but the precedence it sets is what irks the guys here.

Guy 1 posts a thread like this–no one complains.

Guy 2 walks in and sees that people aren’t complaining. Guy 2 posts his own thread.

Guy 3 comes in and says “Woah, let’s see how far we can push this!” and posts a risque thread topic, leading to a large-yet-pointless discussion about Fei’s penis.

Guy 4 continues this, etc.

If you’re looking to post topics like this, there’s always Gamefaqs, Neoseeker, IGN, and other video game websites. You’d probably get a much better reaction there than here, and a much larger audience as well. At best, this topic should’ve been a post in the SF4 Dash topic or the Fei-Long Fixes wish list. If someone responds to your post, then you can bet that it’s a topic worth discussing (and it will be discussed).

Unless, of course, you were looking for an argument all along–in which case, you succeeded. Case in point, if the audience doesn’t like your material, either quit the job or find one that does.

if you really love feilong…you will accept him the way he is

My my we have a little temper don’t we? :wink:

eh, it wasn’t all directed at ya, but mostly the SRK community as a whole.


Generally the threads I make aren’t designed to cause controversy except in cases where somebody is attacking somebody else because they’re an 09’er. Coming from the USA I see enough prejudice and bias to make it a point to say something even when I see it on a message board. Threads like this, where I see what I believe is a flaw in a fictional character and want to make my opinion known, are used just for that. Whether its criticism of his dash/walk speed or pride in how great a characters alternate costume is I believe that is a valid topic for a new post. The very fact that there are so many sticky threads to cover the practical applications of a character in SFIV could do nothing but lead me to believe that the general topics for the character that do not discuss the practical applications and uses of the character are to be made, not in the stickies, but in the general section for that character.