Disappointed in Feis walk speed and dash recovery

This was posted 10 days ago in the “Fixes for SF4 Dash”-thread. A thread in which you posted. I even quoted bubblan’s suggestions in that thread.
I fully agree with your opinion on this matter, but it doesn’t deserve an own thread.

cry about it, then

Great thread desert.

I have been thinking the exact same thing as soon as i picked up SF4 (was an avid SF1 and SF2-Player back in the day, specializing in Fei when he arrived with the championship edition).

He SHOULD be one of the faster castmembers regarding movement, but one might wonder why he isn’t in SF4.

You guys use dash to move around? Wtf. REKKA! :stuck_out_tongue:

:frowning: sad how this thread turned out… imo mike could have toned down and made his point but meh shit happens. On a side note “desert” the search feature in the forums work :slight_smile: Maybe next you can search a topic and post it there.

Fei doesn’t need a fast walk speed. He has safe rekkas. His dash is better than average and combined with his focus attack, it’s beastly.

He should just have FADC Ultra guaranteed like Ryu/Sagat.

You mean like mk flame kick > fadc > ultra?

that thing is doable but the ultra only hit 2 to 3x max

It does better damage than CW if you get all three hits, and there’s a timing to it so afaik it’s consistent. I’m thinking it’s better in most circumstances if you have the ultra to do it, because Fei’s ultra really doesn’t see the light of day much anyways, other than off a focus attack or a guess. You sacrifice stun though.

does it deal more damage than cw followed by 2 hits ultra?

So how does someone with FADC Ultra never have his Ultra come out in a fight? :lol:

Cause that’s where you use it :wgrin:

How often do you see Sagat use his ultra outside of fadc dp?

Ask LI Joe that question and see what he says. :lol:

Even before that Sagat can still trade DP, and that leads to free Ultra and that’s in like every other match vid. That’s probably his absolute easiest way to land Ultra. He basically gets to land Ultra for messing up his timing for a clean DP and against things he can’t…it’s still free Ultra. Not to mention the off chance he does something crazy like f+HK max range on an Akuma doing an air fireball into ULTRA!!! :lol:

It’s the same concept. Fei’s dp can trade, launch and still combo into ultra. I’m not comparing the damage to the two, hell no, but the usage/placement. They’re not exactly identical in that respect either, but you said he needed fadc ultra and does have that.

Thread derailing made fun with DJ and JiBbo!

I dunno…I think something about Fei’s FADC Ultra is just not quite the same as Sagat’s…but alas he has it. I think it’s the fact that it requires strict timing that people don’t give it enough credit. Nobody’s really played hardbody with Fei in tournaments so most of these complaints are just kids playing SFIV in their basement wanting ++ frames on block and ++++ frames on hit.

Fei should have been able to combo into Ultra off command throw. Seth lied to us. I was gonna pick him and then I realized he couldn’t do this and gave him up. Ok ok…I was never gonna play Fei in the first place. Tired of Bruce Lee.

most of the tourneys are on arcade machine and fei is not in it so that is why nobody uses him, and some tourneys also restricted some characters that can be use.

and sagat has everything higher hp bigger damage, and many more

and seth didn’t lie, you can do combo into ultra … but he didn’t tell the last part that the opponent must not block it ! lol

It could be cause you can’t put Fei’s ultra off trade or FADC in the microwave with some water for 1 minute, and have instant-comeback soup like with Sagat. :rofl:

Off the command throw, stand fierce > forward flame kick > fadc > ultra. 440 damage. Or with RH CW at the end, 352.

I’m just saying it’s there. :lovin:

Even then command throw is 13 frames start up so the chances of you being able to get that often in a match is tough. EX command throw differs by plus 1 frame or something stupid like that. No other advantage AFAIK.

At least now I realize people were just being lazy when they said you couldn’t combo into Ultra off command throw. People just wanted straight Ultra after the command throw and whined cuz it didn’t work. BTW does that combo you mentioned combo into the full Ultra?

Pretty much all east coast tourneys are on console so I guess I’m just not used to random MFers picking Rose and Seth in tourneys like they do over here. Sagat is a better Fei…yup. :lol:

when you say with rh cw at the end you stopped after cw correct?

if it is then i’m not sure but probably you know this that you can actually do ultra after that cw and it will do 2 hits, i’m not sure how much more damage it will do