Disappointed in progress

Oh really, all I been playing against is Bullrog, Yun, Ibuki, Fei Long, and viper. Haven’t came across Akuma yet, but maybe PSN and xbox live players are different (Im on PSN).

-One of my theories is using a franchise player (Akuma) and getting better with him will benefit me in the long run if they come out with another SF game. Because what if Yun or Ibuki or Viper and etc are not in the next SF? Also being good with Akuma here MAYBE carry on to other games (MVC 2-3).
^ So thats a theory I have by using a franchise player so thats why I chose Akuma. But I’m definitely going to work on Yun

Well… I’m not too bad these days.

This is what I did.

  1. Play the game for at least 30mins every day with battle request enabled on the same skill setting. Usually play CPU on the hardest setting (if you have trouble with this, you’re going to have a REALLY bad time online) but every now and then I’ll dial the difficulty down. Why?

  2. Aim to land combos. This is slightly easier when the CPU isn’t on ‘ninja react’ settting. Read up on your character and pick a good ground based combo, an aerial attack, a crossup attack, an anti-air defence and learn how to combo into ultra. This is all you really need to get started. Now you have a combo for almost any situation. The hard part is now committing them to muscle memory and being able to do them everytime in the right situation.

  3. Get really pissed off (but try not to be a dick about it). The angrier you get, the more you care. The more you care, the harder you’ll work to get better. Just don’t give yourself an aneurysm. And booting the cat across the room is very uncool.

  4. Get continually beaten down for a year, maybe more. I’ve been playing since SSF4 came out, and only in the last 2 months or so have I been able to change battle request to ‘any skill’ mode and not get annihlated. These days I give almost everyone but the very best a strong run for their money. You have to keep in mind that the best have been playing these games for years now. For those of us just starting up, the learning curve is very unforgiving. Almost ridiculously so.

I have to say that I have almost always enjoyed this game. Even back when I was just getting destroyed. But it’s taken a new level recently. Guys who used to perfect me, are now getting beaten. And it feel’s great. But it’s taken a lot of time, and a lot of critical reflection on what I had to do to get better. I also have to say that my wife doesn’t understand and my kids are sick of seeing me only play streetfighter. But most other games bore me now. I need that hit that only comes from contesting my will against another component.

Oh and there are still many, many players out there who can beat me without really trying. So at best I’m intermediate now. It’s still a long road.

This has been my journey. It’s not finished yet. But that’s the story so far. It took SO Much hard work just to get here. But it’s been fun almost the entire time.

Thanks for sharing the experience. I out put fighting games ever since MvC2 PS2 but I wasn’t that good in that game. I always been a SF fan and player. I like fighting games a lot. I play COD(first person shooter) occasionally but fighting games is more exciting to me.

From the other comments, it was mentioned that arcade mode isn’t going to help…

a great thing you can do: after you lose, hit your opponent up with a message asking for some feedback. you may get no responses/troll responses but sometimes you can receive some really nice advice that will open your eyes to patterns you may not even realize you do, or to openings in the way you play that your opponent was able to read and exploit. feedback from stronger players is absolutely great for improving the way you play ANY game.

Try not to get too discouraged when playing online and losing all the time. Its just part of the process and that the majority of us had to go through when we first started out.

I do message players for advice/tips/feedback, most players do respond with positive replys. I admit, a lot of SF and MvC players are respectful

I’m trying my very best. It just seem I go through a major drought i.e: 50 games and 1 win (its a examply not true). But this thread has the same constant message “Do no get discourage because the experience will make you better.” So I am most definitely going to keep playing online

Instead of looking at it as a loss, think of it as gaining experience and learning how to get better by watching the replays.

Yeah I need to start doing that too

Trust me, it might not seem fun at first because you’ll just think about losing, but once you’re in the mindset to be picking apart your play and thinking about what you can do in certain situations, it becomes a whole new game and very fun, it also gives you a lot of determination.

I see, I will definitely start doing that. I’ll be honest, I do keep a thinking about the losing and that carries on to the mindset of “Not getting better because I’m losing.” But maybe going into the replays, picking certain things out to improve, and training more on it will get me better down the road.

I’ve got a guy who continually picks me. He’s a very solid ryu player. Really boring to fight, but he has great fundamentals. He’s better than me, I’ve only beaten him once (today) but I’ve noticed that gradually i’m pushing him further and further down. It’s getting much harder for him to win.

I wonder if he realises that basically he’s giving me top quality training for free. Pretty soon he’s going to have to work really hard for every win. I’ll be a better player and he’ll be the same, working much much harder to beat a guy that he used to have no trouble with.

Pretty good deal if you ask me! It was very sweet to get that first win today. Of course, he then rechallenged me instantly and beat me twice. But he had to work for it.

NICE!!! Thats definitely a good experience and great realization on how better your getting. I train with my friend but he is a really good Ibuki player. Seems like a disadvantage with Ibuki vs Akuma. But I don’t want to give up since I seen plenty of diverse match ups and upsets

Just played online with same skill level, this one guy definitely used turbo on his game. is online like that?

@MajorPayne, every night I play for a good 2-3 hours with locals online. When I lose to that Dhalsim 10 or so times, with me playing as my Zangief or Dudley, I just sit there and think, what else could I be doing in this situation?

I at first say, okay he is anti airing me, next time I go in the air, headbutt. Somehow it worked. Caught him off guard. When I played with Dudley, I learned that his j.mk beats a lot of Dhalsim’s anti airs. That is something I taught myself though. I’ve read that you use Tokido. Learn everything apart of his vortex. http://www.youtube.com/user/lordofultima#p/c/0/H_Id28SVDck Watch these videos in Lordofultima’s Akuma 101 playlist. Learn every combo. Practice them in training mode. Try to implement them into your footsie game. Don’t be predictable.


I been playing online. Won some, lost some, but right now…jesus on a losing streak…went from 359 BP to 100 wtf

I am too. Lost to a scrubby Yun. Should have chosen Ultra 1 to go through his Palm with my Dudley. What was I thinking?

Im searching for a game as same skill lvl as me so I get matched with a guy with BP and PP above 5000 and im at atleast 400…

Reading this topic, I’m getting the strong vibe that you want to get better without having to lose.

The fact is, getting beat is the best way to get better. Getting beat simultaneously shows you how to play, and how you shouldn’t play. Getting beat gives you experience you’re not gonna get against people you’re decimating, because unless you’re getting perfected every time, you’re doing SOMETHING right and have something to build off of. Even though you posted something to this extent, since then you’ve complained about turbo and people having too high BP. First off: it was probably not turbo, nothing in this game is so hard to do you can’t get the same practical result by mashing. Second, turbo doesn’t help, if you lost to a player using turbo, you lost to a really bad player and there are other things you could’ve done to get around him mashing jab or whatever. Longer pokes, you know, frame trap with a DP, whatever. Try reading http://sonichurricane.com/?page_id=1702 that, that’s Maj’s footsies handbook. Read it, put it into practice.

If you’re losing to people, the reason is that they’re better than you, yeah. But the reason they’re better isn’t because of their BP; that’s incidental. I get the vibe that you’re just writing these matches off as washes because of the skill of the opponent, but these are the matches you’ll learn from best.