Disappointed in Recent Title Releases... Is Blaz Blue Worth it?



I recently acquired several games for either my PS3 or Xbox, but have been quite unsatisfied.

Medal of Honor.
Gran Turismo 5
Dead Rising 2.

To just name a few.

Waste of Money, Time and effort spent playing these games.

I’ve never played BB but have seen some streams and would be interested in getting BB CS when it releases tomorrow in London.

So my question is… As a hardcore SSFIV player, is BB worth my time / money? Is it fun to just pick up and play?

Would playing BB affect my “Skill” at SSFIV? would it mess up my timing etc.

Any opinions would be appreciated.



Seeing as you are a hardcore SSFIV player, I don’t think your opinion about game quality matters.



Thanks for your insightful response… <_<


Shiki isn’t kidding. It is **extremely **likely that you will hate BB if you play SSFIV hardcore.

…and pretty much hate every other fighter as well.




Blazblue sucks I mean there’s no revenge meter or gross, overmuscled, shoddily-animated 3D models


lol Blazblue CS is alright, a lot less beginner friendly then CT thats for sure but its still easy to pick up. It can be pretty fun to play plus its got a decent net code. I suggest going to www.dustloop.com if you do, a lot of info there.


Warning- You’ll have to learn to do a proper DP motion in this game.


Punted to the blazblue forum.


Okay hopefully my answer is more helpful.

I am casual/turning hardcore fan of fighting games and BB:CS was not my cup of tea. Firstly, I started playing BB during the first edition, Calamity Trigger. In the sequel the timing requirement for the most effective combos have been changed and SJC are needed for everything. Not cool. Secondly, the idea among fans was that BB:CS would ultimately steer BB into the same horizons as GG:AC. Lol no, that’s not what happened.

BB is so watered down (not as fast/simpler mechanics) and clunky, that it almost makes you feel groggy. In the end, BB:CS plays out like a slow motion speed blitz of mediocrity. If you like sitting in blockstun waiting to press 2A, then get this game. The only plus I can give that game is that it is balanced kinda well (excluding Rachel).


Why put this here? Now he can’t get an unbiased opinion.


What the fuck is that even supposed to mean.

SJCs aren’t hard on moves with so many frames bro.


I stopped reading there.

Bottom line is that BB is pretty easy to just jump into, it has some silly things but every single fighter has its share of fucking dumb shit, and while I think guilty gear is ultimately significantly better overall, much of that comes down to preference.
Despite troll/antagonistic posts in this thread, I know people who enjoy both SSF4 and BB significantly.


I’m not even sure I’m ever getting a copy of CS. I was loving the shit outta CT…then the upgrade came out, and I’m not gonna fall for what they did with the GG series. I’ll wait until a definitive FINAL version comes out. Sorry, booby lady.


If you are interested in playing fighting games outside of SF4 then I would definitely give it a shot. Its a fun and fairly accessible air dasher which has good net code (in my experience at least.) A lot of people will say it isn’t as good as GG or such and such other anime fighter; however, it is still only the second iteration of the game and the upcoming balance patch for the game will shake things up a lot.

I doubt playing the game will affect your SF4 skills in any detrimental fashion because of how different the two games are. However, it may improve your execution by forcing you to preform specials without shortcuts as well as getting you accustomed to pressing lots of buttons while using jump and dash cancels.

If you want to read more about the game, then check out Dust Loop: http://www.dustloop.com/forums/content.php


To be honest to the TC, you should forget about BB altogether and just download GGPO/FBA. That’s where the magics at. And if you have done that already, then wait a little longer for all the other cool shit that’s coming.


You can buy Calamity Trigger. It’s better and cheaper.
You can also wait for the miracle that is supposed to happen by some balance patch.
I like to play a lot of SFIV too, but broadening your horizon (i.e. playing different FGs) can be fun.
I personally really like BB:CT.


As a guy who comes from the GG/BB background its just another fighter along similar lines of guilty gear (though in my opinion watered down). I have found myself however not playing it at all for the last month due to a lack of my friends playing it. IMO BB:CS is the way to go if you buy it. But id try to pick it up cheap on amazon or something. Overall as an oldschool GG / Dizzy player. It is not what i was hoping for.

–My two cents.


enjoy worse balance, even more overpowered jumping and rolls, a bad burst system, a poor guard bar, less characters, etc etc

the upgrade is a patch, i doubt it will cost anything
and besides
>implying $40 isn’t worth it for any decent fighting game when you easily get multiple hours of entertainment per dollar across a year

Legit post. If you have no friends to play with and don’t like playing online, no fighter is really worth messing with much. That’s a bit of a catch 22, though.


lol. TC plz play older games. BB:CS will turn you off from fighting games in general. It even shrunk its own fanbase.