Disappointed with strider



For a character with the lowest health in the game, im not seeing why thus far. He doesn’t have the priority of zero or the dog like I would think a low health character would have, i feel by the time you hit three levels, you will be dead. Arial exchanges are risky. And you can’t put someone in block stun strings like you could in two. I try to zone at times with the cat or the bird and see wolverine drill claw through it. I threw the cat at mags and he sliding heavy thru it like nothing… The bomb disappeared if you get hit. No one is going to stand there and get hit by the fireball for you to do mixups in a match. #endsventing

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Give it time strider has the ability and tools to be one of the best in the game… no one realised dante was gonna be one of the best straight away give it time and when people do find out more damaging combos and set ups he will be the best


Yea i hope so, cause so far I can’t see why he nerf in those ways just yet.

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Remember how we thought Wolverine was ass for the first month? These things take time, don’t give in to knee jerk predictions. MVC2 Strider took forever to emerge as top tier.


Sounds like you’re playing day 1 Strider, put in some work before you make posts like this. If you’re playing Strider 1st or 2nd just forget Orbs exist and learn the character first.


Also don’t forget Strider is a reset character. Find unrollable 50/50’s that are safe and exploit them. Its free damage, who cares if the combo meter stops going up? There are 150 different assists in game : more than one must be a reset machine for Strider.

Dr.Strange Discs of Dannak track, and move fast. Strange is safe after before the opponent wakes up.
Drones are my goto for resets. Go find more!


He’s all about getting the touch. He’s not a glass cannon by any means, because he does shit damage, and despite what everyone is saying, I don’t see him ever breaking 600,000 without X-factor, level 3, or maybe assists. But what will make him good is his ability to mix-up and get that touch so easily. He’s going to be a character you need to play smart with in order win. We need time to develop our smarts.


FYI Strider can break 600K with wall cling bnb into Legion, or gram loop in the corner. I have yet to see a combo that breaks 700 for 1 bar or meterless though.


Fair enough, 100k. My point still stands though.


Don’t try gwan like man didn’t know Dante was gonna be a badman.


Lol I think the wolverine example was better :wink:


Um so Strider definitely is a really good character. I think good assists are key, but he seems best as an anchor. Saving him 4 or 5 meters and x factor pretty much makes him the new phoenix. But with more practice and getting comfortable with him as a character (not just learning combo’s but really learning how to use him) the guy is a major problem.


I respectfully disagree about the Phoenix statement.

You can’t put Jean Grey on point or 2nd because a fluke BnB could outright drop her. You can take that risk with Strider because he has more weapons and tactics than her. His projectiles may be low priority, but they’re still very effective against fighters with limited mobility (ex: Iron Fist.) And his rushdown/mix-up ability hasn’t even been tapped yet.

Take it from someone who just started with the Ninja, he’s far from a disappointment…


Worst case scenario he’ll be a top tier assist character.

Best case scenario…he’ll be more oppressive to deal with than Zero.


On anchor with a bunch of meter and x factor I was comparing him to phoenix. I’m saying he’s useful on point with good assists (probably without) and better on anchor with meter and level 3 x factor.


Really, I thought everybody thought dante would be amazing?


Nope. People thought he would be pretty much shit a few months in. That is of course until top players started taking full advantage of Bold Cancelling at majors.




The only people who thought Dante would be bad were the ones that looked as his frame data and went “OMG everything negative” and wrote him off. Of course the same thing is happening now with Vergil.


oh thanks for clearing that up. I just didn’t remember anyone saying dante was bad. If anything, I remember tons of people crying about him being cheap as fk then the army of dantes justifying his ways by saying he was unsafe on everything. My memory is pretty clouded of early feb+march by all the sentinel rage though.