Disassembling Seimitsu buttons question

Hi -

 I'm looking for assistance from those that have handled/own Seimitsu buttons.

 Can the buttons be taken apart so that the plunger and casing are separated?  I ask because I'm wanting to buy the translucent buttons and replace the plunger with black plungers so that the LED in the stick will only light the surrounding ring.  

 As always, thanks in advance for the advice.

Yes I believe that this is possible. There are two tabs on the side of the button that when pressed will allow the plunger to be removed. This is how you can insert the artwork into the button. There is a tutorial floating around that covers the insertion of artwork. Search for it and you will find the necessary pics showing you what needs to be done.


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Of course the buttons can be taken apart.

To replace PS-14-KN plungers with solid plungers, you would need the plungers from PS-14-GN (non-clear-face), which will fit perfectly because they use bodies made by the same mold. You could also take PS-14-P pearl faces and put them in.

However, if you are using PS-14-K (snapins), the solid plungers from PS-14-GN will not fit. No solid faces will work except the pearl ones there.

You also have to keep in mind the clear buttons are not really clear in the middle. They have a solid white base in them.

I mention a lot of this button mixing stuff on my site.