Disc read error after idling super for a few minutes

Like anything that has a lack of loading, like being in training. After I exit to the char select or menu, i get a disc read error. Is my disc busted? It doesn’t seem that scratched but the middle is a bit broken.

Did you try installing it to your hard drive? (which you should for any game you play a lot) If not, try and see if it can complete the install.

Oh and see if other games are affected, it could be the 360 drive itself. I’ve had discs with the inner-ring cracked and they worked fine.

are you sure it’s an Xbox? DRE sounds like PS2.

@Heroxoot: if it is PS2, count your blessings, they’re cheap as hell these days.

360’s have low quality disc drives, and it could be a bad laser, a dirty laser or a bad disc. try cleaning it first.

Well he said “idling super.” So I assume it’s Super Street Fighter IV. Then he only has his gamertag listed so I assumed it’s 360.

o wow cant believe i did not even see this thread. I have fixed tons of xbox’s with disc reading problems, this honestly sounds like a bad laser.
Here are your options,

  1. You could try to adjust the potentiometers on the laser - sometimes works, all you need are the tools to open the xbox 360, #10 torx, and a philips to open the drive, and a smaller phillips to turn the potentiometer.

  2. Replace the Laser - always works if done correctly, same tools as above

  3. Replace the dvd drive - If you are iffy about replacing the laser you could replace the entire drive, however specific hardware and software is needed as well as knowledge on extracting the dvd keys, because you cannot just put in a new drive without the correct key or it will not read xbox 360 games.

Any questions please ask and i will be happy to assist in any way possible