Disconnect Remix

When I try to play MVC2 on my ps3 I disconnect from rooms. When im in lobby disconnect when im playing. Etc.

My laptop internet speed is 22mbps Download 8 mbps upload.

When I do the ps3 test I get download 5.6mbps upload 2.5mbps

How can I stop DCing :coffee:

i rep all helpers

have you opened ports on your router for the ps3? or set it in the DMZ?

Are you on wireless?


no I have not. Where is this “DBZ”

Not on wireless

You may not need to set your PS3 to DMZ. Go to your network settings and check your status, if you’re NAT type 2 or 1 you’re good to go. If you got type 3, that’s your problem and you’ll need to properly forward your PS3 via your router using DMZ or ports. Not sure what ports PSN uses.

If your NAT type is already 1 or 2, not sure what it is.

ah im NAT type 2

It may just be MvC2. I know I would disconnect in lobbies, but not games however. Does it happen in other games? If it doesn’t, I would guess it’s backbone’s shitty netcode. Only moron developer that actually licensed GGPO and still used their own reverse engineered shitty netcode =/.

If nothing else works, replace your modem. It’s the least likely culprit, but it does happen. I got rid of my Comcast-supplied moto and I never had problems again. After checking every other possible thing, that is. Which, you should do.

Now its just my internet I have dced from fat princess, internet, lag spikes.

I go from 23mbps down to 4mbps. Sometimes to no internet

I’d call my provider then.

Ye I did and when I was talking to them… they made me look like a fool. Because It kept running 25mbps constantly

DMZ shouldn’t matter on a wired connection. i’d make sure there aren’t many bandwidth hogging programs running on your computer while you’re trying to play, such as any downloads/torrent/seeding/p2p programs.

i’ve heard MVC2’s network code has some problems on PSN but i haven’t run into them yet. if you’re having a problem with everything on there, you might also want to try configuring the settings manually if you haven’t already. do you get any error messages from PSN, such as DNS error codes?

Ye sometimes it will go from running smooth. To just internet off

So whats the hardware in your network like? I probably should have asked this first, but it was late and i was tired.

What kind of router do you have? What about the modem? Are we talking cable or dsl?

Honestly it could be the line from the street pole to your home. Or the cables and splitters in your home.

I had a problem with Verizon DSL about 6 years ago where my net would just stop working for a few hours every single day. I callled and I called them over and over and they gave me the same old bullshit. I finally got tired of their shit and started yelling at them to come fix my shit and they came the same day and changed my wiring from the street pole to my house and after that it was fixed.

DSL. Motorola surfboard modem. Linksy router.

Its good today. Im thinking this shit is bipolar… thanks for help tho guys!

is it a newer model? or an older one?

I had an old router that would kick off every time i would start up any download that would last longer than 20 minutes.

also, if its a newer model, make sure firmware is updated.

I hope things continue to go smoothly for you, brah. My motorola was doing that Michigan J. Frog bullshit when my ISP ran packet loss tests, too. All I knew for sure, was that if someone called in an air strike in COD4, it was lights-out for my game.

Ahh you are on DSL? I highly suggest getting them to change the wire that comes in from the street pole to your house then. That totally fixed my problem when I was running with DSL. It turned out the wire was all fucked up since it was so old.