Disconnect should get automatic minus 100

This is ridiculous I’m getting like 50% disconnect rate. And no its not the internet connection or PSN. because they magically lost connection when dizzied or about to get perfect or with really low health. so don’t blame PSN or internet connection.

Automatic -100 should fix the disconnect problem.

Who cares … Tournament play matters

I think I have only had a couple of disconnects, I have more unable to join game. Im in South Bend, hit me up PSN: AWDdsm

Yeah in the begining I wasn’t getting a lot of that but as of late I’ve been getting tons of PS/Quiters and it’s annoying. I agree that there should be about a -100 BP loss the the leaver but truth is how does the network dissern that from say a power outage or maybe a dropped net connection from either part that is legit not? I guess the network would see that if there is a dropped connection but the user is still logged into the PS network then it could penalise them when they get on again. I hope they fix that. What I’d like to also see fixed is the ability to dodge or block ultra’s during the animation sequence. Unless your in the middle of a sweep or any other animation, you can totally just hold block or jump out of the way. Makes Ken’s ultra hard to get off on someone.


ONLY…cause im tired of SETH cheesing bitches with handicapped on. WTH?

agreed. the dc rate is getting ridiculous…its sickening…

hey i played you a couple times yesterday…gg’s

Lol I just got into the 5k range, DC’ing has gotten worse than ever. I really stopped playing the Ranking seriously, I expect DC’s at this rate.

I don’t remember but yeah good games.

I get booted/dc whenever:

in the middle of Zangief/Akuma’s finishing ultra
when it’s 100% health vs 10%, especially if they’re dizzy
when i join them after dc’ing
at the beginning of starting a round

Seriously online ranked matches should be random and penalized for disconnects. Lots of people in the Top 100 like to DC and ruin the fun. You’ll be lucky to find someone that’s willing to feed you points as long as they’re willing to learn from losing.

no, sometimes i got dc in between rounds for some reason.

I’ve yet to see with handicap on, that’s sad.

i haven’t lost to a player seth yet, no one knows how to use him properly.

Agree. Seth ain’t bad as Gill in 3rd Strike. Unlike Gill, you actually have to learn Seth to beast people with him.