Disconnect trouble

recently i switched the buttons around in my SFAC stick and one of my disconnects keep falling off. electric tape only lasted for a few days, any other ideas?

squish it on the microswitch tab with a pair of pliers

Take some pliers and put the connector in flat then softly squeeze enough so it fits snug. If you squeeze to much you have to get a screwdriver to open it up a lil. Its easier to make it smaller a lil at a time than to Make it smaller then bigger…No Homo :wink:

Ive tried pliers, but after 15 minutes of third strike it fell off

Squeeze them harder then. You have to bend the metal of the connector. If you go thru the process too much the metal will wear and break easily. If you look into it youll c how it looks like the mcdonalds arches. You want those arches to almost come in contact with the flat bottom part of the connector.

I see, thanks alot