Disconnected from other players. This may be the result of disconnected from Xbox Live


Disconnected from other players. This may be the result of a problem such as being disconnected from Xbox LIVE.

Not too sure if anyone is aware of this issue, but has anyone else ran across this when playing on Xbox Live ranked matches on VF5FS?

Basically, when playing a match, everything goes okay.
Until the match ends, it takes a lot longer than usual to load the lobby, or it’ll display the error shown in bold on the victory screen.
I’m still on Live no problem. I can go to the store, buy a game, get online and see who’s playing.
However, for the next 12 hours (that’s my estimate), I can’t play anyone peer to peer. And it’s not just with VF5, if I go over to SF4, it’s the same thing. Yet I only encounter this error on VF5.

This error seems to happen at complete random, as there’s hours on end I’ll play with no problem. The one day I’ll boot up my xbox and 30 minutes later this error will appear and I can’t play peer to peer for a while.

Anyone got more feedback on this?

LATE EDIT: Toying around with this some more, I still can’t play anyone peer to peer on Rank it seems (only tested this on SF4 and VF5).
However, for some odd reason, on both games I can play in Player Matches just fine. It’s only in Rank where I can’t connect to anyone. Remember, this error seems to occur only when I’m playing VF5 Rank matches (could be coincidence).
Been using Xbox Live for the past 7 months now, never had any troubles with BlazBlue, SF4, or Skullgirls.
Just recently started playing VF5 online a week ago, this error has happened to me twice already.


I had a similar problem this morning.

It lasted for an hour.

It either gave me the message you say or “disconnected from other players” after we both had accepted the match. It was in ranked. I couldn’t test in player matches as there was nobody there.


Sounds like it.

Basically yeah, when both players accept the match in the ranked lobbies, it’ll just say “disconnected from other players”.
Sometimes it’ll take longer than usual to connect and the message just comes up.

Honestly, I’m not sure how long the disconnect last for.
I only say 12 hours since, this happens around the time I’m about to get off my xbox anyways and won’t get another chance to play it until a good 12 hours from now. So maybe an hour is more accurate in the down time, but still, something odd is going on.


What time did it happen to you? For me it was around 5:30-6:30 am Europe this morning.


Hmmmmm… can’t recall actually. I would want to say around 10:30 pm Central time in America.

Actually, wanna make a small update.
Playing on Rank about an hour ago, someone challenged me and Ready up.
I Ready up as well and next thing I see is that the player disconnected from me. Thing is, it’s all working fine on my end and I’m playing rank no problem.

I continued to play, not having issues, later another person challenges me, I ready up, and that other person disconnects from me again.
I messaged him asking why he disconnected and explained his scenario to me. Thing is, it actually matches up with the same story I originally posted. So at this point I have no doubt this is an on going problem with the way VF5 handles the Xbox Live network when connecting peer to peer. Thing is, when it messes up, it also screws you over in other games, yet VF5 is the cause behind it.

I wonder if this is a known issue.
It’s possible that 80% of Xbox players have never ran across this when playing VF5, since it’s such a randomly triggered event. However, I feel as this is an issue that should be looked into.


Maybe it’s getting around server maintenance time(idk if this has happened recently though)…

I’ll see does it happen to me…

I was getting dc’d in random matches yesterday…


I think we are going to see more people complaining about this. If it happened to us the guys on the other side must be wondering what the problem is too. It makes no sense to get the “disconnected from other players” once both have accepted


Glad to know I’m not alone, but it sucks to know this is an issue with other people :open_mouth: