Disconnecting all of the sudden

For some reason I keep disconnecting in SFIV as soon as the match starts. It says connection was lost or whatever but I’m still connected to xbox live like nothing happened. And I see that ranked matches are taking a lotttt longer to find, also I end up having a very low connection with the person. I haven’t been able to play an entire match let alone a single round. Everything was working fine yesterday…I’ve tried resetting my router and modem and I still have issues. I can download stuff from xbox live, streaming movies etc. but can’t seem to get a SFIV match going. My xbox says my wireless signal is in the green so I don’t know what the problem could be :frowning:

Anyone else get this sometimes?

Playing SFIV with a wireless connection is already a no-go… But anyways, do a connection test. Does it give problems with your NAT?

Could be your NAT. Go to the Guide menu and check your connection. If it says your NAT is closed, moderate or something of the sort then you need to take care of that with your router.

I use a wireless adapter and I can play fine. myth myth myth myth

This happens to me a LOT. I’ve been trying to play a friend in some player matches, so I know it’s not some random John Q Ragequitter. Yesterday we got DC’d 3 tiems in a row before we were even able to get past the character select screen. I have a good yellow connection to him, and when we are actually in game, it feels very tight, with almost no input lag, then suddenly it will freeze and give the in game message about being disconnected. This has happened on multiple, separate occasions, and I’ve tried out all sorts of network configs, from an open NAT router, to 360 in the DMZ, to plugging the 360 directly into the cable modem. None of which have resolved my issues.

So, I’m really hoping today’s mandatory update fixes this issue.

“This update addresses interruption issues that some Xbox LIVE users may have experienced when playing a limited number of Xbox 360 games.”

We’ll see…

Dang, I have noticed that SF4 is the only game that ever gave my xbox a problem!! :o( My shit freez for free like so damn much with this game I just dont understand…its really annoying BIG TIME!! I dot get a disconnect though–Unless a *** cup disconnects but thats it…ADD ME FOR SOME GAMES people rank is gay trying to get into a match and you are un-able to join…WTF what happend to the match settings like in CVS2 3s and CFE when you can just search and BOOM a match??? LOL

Did I say you wouldn’t be able to play fine? No… I didn’t. The fact is that while using a wireless connection a lot of data is lost during the transfer. So even though the game might run smooth, it can cause a lot of inputs to not register. And it’s even possible for the other player to have problems while you are ok.
You can notice this data loss very well when you play shooters for example.

For the OP, did you install the game on your harddisk? Might do the trick… If you still have problems I would maybe even go so far to think that your save is corrupt. So try playing without your hard disk if that’s possible.

Ok what fixed it for me was changing the wireless channel to a different frequency. I use ddwrt firmware for my router so it had it on automatic switching and sometimes it would put it on a bad channel that was incompatible with my xbox i guess. Works fine now. Wish I didn’t have to play wirelessly but my router is downstairs :\

Thanks for the help anyways guys. Hope you other guys get it fixed.