Disconnecting during the Vs. screen (AEPC)

Suddently I’m having this issue since 10 minutes ago. I haven’t changed anything router/modem or firewall/antivirus wise…so it can’t possibly be me. Anyone else having this issue? It’s always something messing up after a patch is released…I was playing fine all day until now…

Yes. Havent played in a few days, thought it was my connection as every fight I played seemed like it was lagging behind too.

Happened twice after character select says waiting then drops the connection.

Just realised your on PC version, must be coincidence. I always thought there was no servers for SF and you just hosted each match as it came… or am I missing something and looking like an idiot?

Well I do play the X360 version also…and that usually happens rarely on console…but on AEPC it’ll lag on the Vs. screen for a good 20 seconds then I’ll disconnect…but somehow I can spectate someone fighting…w…t…f

This has happened to me since vanilla. Strangely if i take my computer to my dads house the problem isn’t there. If I reconnect to live the problem goes away until I restart the app.

I wonder if you were the one I was trying to play in endless battle but couldnt becuase you would disconnect at the versus screen.

I’ve been having the same issue. I thought it had something to do with the custom costumes i’ve been putting on my characters. apparently not.

I’m going to try again later on today…and I’ll update this thread if I find a solution…

edit: And if it was me…i usually play Cammy/Akuma/Cody/Juri/Ryu(for the lol)

anyone else im not fuking around

It never happened to me on the PC version and on PSN rarely.

You know what people…my CMY folder was missing her obj file…


My problem was …I was missing CMY_01.obj.emo…or something of that …see what character causes the freeze and start form there