Disconnecting from Akuma matches

What is your guys opinion on quitting immediately after the match starts when your opponent chooses Akuma, on RANKED matches? I recently started doing this but got some nasty messages for it. Then I started having an internal conflict about the whole situation lol What do you guys think?

Personally, I don’t disconnect (intentionally) from any match, if Akuma is there, that’s fine, the programmers thought it should be okay to play Akuma in ranked. I personally think though if you’re going to play Akuma in ranked, then I can get as cheesy as I can be… and not even feel bad about it :smiley:

Most good players don’t play Akuma because he’s banned at tournaments so Akuma players are mostly beginners and so easy to beat. I enjoy ranked opponents that pick Akuma since there is almost no good ranked competition in Europe and that makes the matches a little more interesting.

Quitting is lame.

Really… what else needs to be said?

Well since people don’t allow him in tournaments because he’s broken, I feel that he shouldn’t be allowed in Ranked matches either. And it’s not like I’m rage quitting, I just don’t feel like I should waste my time and energy on this match. Player matches are a completely different situation, of course.

They also probably think their product is flawless, devoid of any possible mishaps that might hamper a user experience.

I quit regardless.

but if you quit, your gonna lose points, and if its a crappy akuma player you’re gonna lose big points if you quit out.

Really, I didn’t know you lost points for that. I thought it only kept track of your wins and losses?

yeah man, you lose points 99% of the time if you quit. How much points you lose depends on the rank of the person you are qutting from. If you quit from an akuma player like this:


then you’ll lose big points, if you’re rank is alot more than his

That’s good to know. It’s not like I’m anywhere near the top, but still good info to have lol Well that just makes me wonder what made them decide it was OK to choose Akuma in ranked matches? They should at least give you the option when you’re creating the match whether to allow Akuma to be selected or not, imo.

And furthermore, why didn’t they just nerf him a bit?

According to Sirlin… they did… “We finally have a 17th character.” Yeah… right… sure…

For more info on the intended design of Akuma, check this article out.

has david sirlin said anything about akuma recently, regarding how potent akuma still is?, what he would change with hind sight?

I ususally don’t do ranked, but I always quit on Akumas. Not a playable character, not worth my time.

Even so, he is a playable character as far as Ranked goes.

Never drop. Ever.

There’s a difference between playable, and should he be playable.

If I’m not using ken, I don’t want to waste time fighting a shoto that makes the other shotos worthless, fucked up hitboxes, RD trap, and a diagonal fireball that the game went through like 4 iterations without.

Ken’s saving grace is his mp srk.

Never drop in ranked. Period.

Don’t disconnect, Akuma is entirely possible and not far away at all from the other top tier characters. Just to clarify, here’s a post I dug up from Sirlin.net, it’s not the air fireballs or the hitboxes that he was banned for, it was the bugs.

What the hell is this shit?