Disconnecting from Akuma matches


I just play the matchup.

Then yell at the TV when I swear that I inputted a reversal buttslam on the raging demon attempt coming from a mile away.


Just don’t play ranked. Period. :arazz:

Seriously though, I don’t get the point of ranked. You can learn a lot from player lobbies. I feel like you can even learn more by playing friendly quick matches since you can play the same person over and over again and get a lot of practice with a specific match up.

Never. Ever. Drop.

If you think the lag is unplayable or you’re just bored then walk forward and let the other player win. All dropping does is glitch the game up.

The main reason I don’t play ranked is because I become extremely frustrated when I lose to a good Akuma player.

It pisses me off that if someone is good enough to beat me with Akuma, then they are good enough to know about SRK and the ban. So they know that they are playing a character that is banned in tournaments and would be banned in ranked if the devs had the game to do-over.

BUT, and this is a huge BUT, he is NOT BANNED in ranked. He is completely legal, and I can’t fault anyone for picking a top tier character.

So I avoid a bad situation and don’t play ranked at all anymore. The entire list of top players consists of cheaters, and that makes the whole exercise pointless.

Player match players are tougher, and you get to play more matches anyway.

I think of the whole online experience as less of a competitive scene and more as a training tool. It’s rare that you play a match that “matters”. Only when I’m playing a monstrous player like Inoxd5 or DreamTR do I really play at my best. Other times feel more like we’re just “trying shit”.

akuma instantly turns the game into work, and i don’t anyone who actually enjoys their job.

also no ping filters makes ranked a fucking joke.

Meh, there are plenty of good players who will try to call you out on tick throwing (and TAP!!!) and tell you that you should play the game the way it was meant to be played. Come to think of it, Marvel would be a lot less exciting if it was played the way it was “meant to be played,” no double snaps, no infinites, not guard breaks, not resets, no mix ups, no DHCs, no raw tagging, Servbot x 3…

:crybaby: You’re a douche. :rofl:

That’s because you’re on PSN. If you want a competitive scene where you will level up, you gotta get on that XBL.

Also Akuma is only banned because of inescapable RD setups. I don’t argue that he is incredibly annoying to fight against, he’s runaway game is just straight up retarded. But he takes damage like a little girl and those air fireballs don’t do shit for chip/damage.

In actuality he’s not that broken.

if the hitbox on his air fireball wasn’t so goddamn huge, i would have no problem with him (aside from proper demon setups).

why people are serious about playing him is something i’ll never get.

Tick throwing and other “cheapness” is a different issue. All that stuff is legal in tournaments. I wouldn’t mind at all if somebody did any of that stuff online.

I draw the line at when somebody tries to do something online that is illegal in tournaments, like using macros or turbo. The same goes for picking Akuma. It’s banned in the type of competitive SF I play, so I don’t play types that follow other rules. So that rules out ranked matches.

If somebody picks Akuma in player matches then I just put it down to screwing around. If they keep picking him then I ask nicely for them to play for real. If they don’t then I just drop at the end of the match.

You know what really sucks though? Good Japanese players who play as Akuma. It took everything I had to pull off a win against zzz_sleeper_zzz. The guys is clearly a very talented player, but he won’t pick anybody else other than Akuma. I would really like to see how I fare against him using part of the main cast. It seems that most of the good random Japanese I play online run to Akuma after 1 loss or less. It’s like I’m getting cheated out of the experience of getting to play internationally because they play to win, and that means picking Akuma.

It’s true.

But when we had our first match randomly on the scoreboard I gotta admit my blood got pumping a bit. I thought “an SRK player!” and played my best. Generally the first time I run across somebody I know online I flip out and play in tournament mode. The same goes for the first set I play with them. When we played our first set I considered it an important match cause that is 2 of the top Rogs on PSN fighting one another.

I mentioned Inoxd5 cause at one time he was considered the best on the network, and DreamTR (Jason Wilson) cause I grew up reading his reviews in Tips n’ Tricks. So it was kind of a dream match to finally get to play against the guy who was the living incarnation of a pro fighting gamer when I was a teenager.

LOL… So true!

I think the general rule here is if it’s in the game and it’s not a cheat code or some sort of legitimate cheat even if it’s unbalanced, it’s completely fair. Sirlin mentioned that Akuma’s shoryuken was buggy too, and his unescapable RD traps suck, but that’s what you have to live with.

Other characters have strats that are complete bullshit but it’s totally legal and it’s how you play the game. Just because Akuma is broken and banned in tourneys doesn’t mean someone can’t pick him online because in the end, they are not cheating. Characters like gief/honda/thawk have the same opportunities of dealing just as much damage once they get in.

If it’s really that big of a problem, when Akuma gets meter and goes for an air fireball, it’s in your best interest to get hit by air fireball instead of blocking it, that way you can jump out of the raging demon, then you can teach that bitch a lesson.

I also believe that you can do a reversal attack that puts you off the ground to counter the demon. I’ve had great success with flying through Akuma’s RD with blanka’s horizontal ball. I don’t know, maybe the Akuma’s I’ve played against haven’t done it right but I’ve gotten out of that air fireball to RD trap you’ve mentioned with a reversal.

I didn’t mean you personally. I’ve just had a run in with a couple players who were about on my level or better and would complain to me about tick throws. And it’s not like your opponent is some scrub who doesn’t know how to deal with them, just one of those opponents who doesn’t play by SRK rules which is totally fine by me, just don’t join my room and complain to me about it. Anyway, you have a lot of smart intelligent people who just do things the way they want to do and don’t really go with the flow of SRK/majority of high caliber players.

The problem is when people actually play akuma like a shoto. He’s a ryu+ken combo on steroids. Oh and yeah he’s got a lot of bullshit.

lmao, this thread.

Who fucking cares about rank? I just play ranked because I don’t enjoy the lobby part of player match. I drop on akumas because it’s a waste of my time. Also, every akuma I’ve played against online is just trash. Why bother?

Don’t disco on an Akuma player. Learn the match, and make them TAP OUT!!!
I have not been beaten by one akuma player in ranked. They are generally very lazy players. But even the good ones are predictable.

Who is the best character against Akuma? I main Cammy and even with her SBF going through fireballs, I still have trouble sometimes.

Ken FTW.

Just think about it. In order to deal with Akuma’s Aerial Hadoukens, the best move is one with invincibility, right? Ken’s :mp: Shoryuken is completely invincible. You take Akuma’s aerial projectile game away and it’s almost like fighting Ryu…except for the ridiculous hitboxes, of course.

Cammy’s Spinning Backfist? You’re better off Thrust Kicking before Akuma can throw a projectile. Save that for the Hadoukens he throws from the ground.

Word. Ken’s mp DP says “suck it” to Akuma’s air fireball. Then it’s just spamming cross up knee bash loops until they rage quit - which they always do.

Careful, thoses dps of his all have 1 frame startup. So you can’t safe jump him and if you are deep and that srk comes out on the correct side, he gets three hits and a knockdown.

Although I do agree about BRINGING THE KNEES!

I think ken is the definite counter pick to akuma, and there may be like 2 other characters that do pretty well against him.

In all honesty, if they had the skills to pull off reversal DPs consistently, I would think the majority of Akuma players wouldn’t pick him considering his reputation. Plus, I’m naive enough pretty much always go for cross up knee bash loops.