Disconnecting from Akuma matches

You would be surprised, I’ve met some akumas who would make great ryus or kens, but they are all about whoring out akuma.

It’s especially awesome when they do eek out a win against you and then proceed to send you a XBL message saying how they “owned” you. Extra points for when akuma players send you a message about being “cheap” :rofl:

I think Dhalsim is, but I’m probably biased since he’s my main. He can slide under, float over, or drill over most of Akuma’s air fireball crap. You can tag him with limbs and be an even bigger run-away ass than he is. If he gets on top of you, it can get problematic, but blocking or teleporting often gets you out of that.

He can be annoying, but for the most part I don’t mind running into the occasional Akuma. I look at it as a good way to practice that match so I can shut the next one down even better.

The key point being what if sim gets knocked down.

After a thorough knee bashing for three rounds, one Akuma player actually argued that because he was nerfed, Akuma was now a legitimate character…he didn’t offer another piquant response after I informed him that he was banned from all major tournaments.

Yeah…just don’t do that :wgrin:

But seriously, blocking his crap and or teleporting will often let you run away again. Unless you get tagged by his dizzy combos, you’re not really in total peril.

meh, i still prefer shutting down the air option.