Disconnection at the loading screen


Has anyone received a “storage device removed” error on the loading screen of an online match? It’s happened to me three times now, all in Ranked. Not only did I lose a ton of points, but now my disconnect rate is at 1%.

I’ve disabled my cloud (it was enabled but not being used for the game), deleted the SSF4 install, deleted all of the DLC, and cleared the cache. I hope this fixes the problem.

Has this happened for anyone else at all? I’d like to think I don’t have to buy a new hard drive.

EDIT: This is the 360 version.


it’s nothing to do with your sf4 install or hardware. it’s yet another bug


So that’s a confirmation that it’s happened to other people? I’ve never seen this happen in endless. And for what it’s worth, it happened against one Rose and two Poisons. I could tell it was going to happen when the loading screen said both players (yes, including me!) had costumes that supposedly needed to be purchased to be seen.


Well, I went out and bought an Ultra disc (I feel like a sucker, buying the digital upgrade AND the retail) and the problem seems to have been fixed. I even played the guy that caused two of my disconnects and it didn’t happen this time.

I guess my SSF4 disc was corrupted somehow. There are some faint scratches on it…