Disconnects caused by Capcom servers


Reading through this forum I see many people are pissed about so many people disconnecting online. Well, on playfire we figured out something really problematic: All of us have the problem that we get randomly disconnected!!

Even playing Player matches against each other, streetfighter shows a message: “connection to the player was lost” while our PSN never logged out!!

It happens on two moments: 1. Once the stage is loaded and the host character is performing his intro animation, disconnect.

  1. Second round. Beginning of the match, before we could start fighting, disconnect.

I feel so ashamed when I get beaten one round and this bloody server disconnects me after this round… as if I disconnected! The truth is I’m just back in the SF:IV network gamemenu and my PSN never logged out. Seeing on different forums how big of a problem this is, I really doubt many people actually pull the plug. Most likely if it happens “during” a fight, they have… but who would do that? It would take a lot of time to reboot your PS3 and reload the game. Players that suck would have to do this over and over; who’d go through all that?

This happens to me roughly in every 5 matches!!! It’s really frustrating, especially if you’re in a good and close fight.

If you experience this problem too, please post ahead in this forum. In hopes enough people report this problem, Capcom might fix it.

Note: I played tons of Wipeout HD and Burnout Paradise online, I never received disconnects in those games; so this would mean it can hardly be a firewall issue. Given my 18Mbit/1Mbit/18ms ping connection, this shouldn’t be cause of trouble either. Hope to see your input!


Actually I believe you. The servers were amazing when the game came out. But KomboKaze and I have recently experienced lag and random disconnects. It’s been a sudden phenomenon. I’ve noticed most ps3 games have great servers when they come out like MGO,SFHDR etc. Then over time they get worse. I don’t know why this happens. It could be more people get on the server or the companies stop doing maintenance. For anyone doubting my connection, yes I forwarded all the required ports, I am directly connected via cable modem not dsl. And I am not on my PC.

SF4 was very smooth the first week. But the past 2 days have been kinda ugh. I now understand why xbox live is so great. They keep that sh*t nice. If PSN had an option for gold membership for better servers I would gladly pay. But sorry bro I don’t know how to solve this problem myself. It’s kinda getting lame, SF4 is going the HDR route.


Game still plays flawless for me.
A buddy of mine, when the game first came out, was playing with me using wireless and getting very similar disconnects as you guys are speaking of.
I made him go wired, and this fixed all issues.
I have no idea what this means, but I assume you’ve tried being hard wired to narrow down the issues, no?


It’s a problem when you mash start to skip the intro cutscenes. I don’t know why but it causes disconnects.


i have the same exact issue. It is pretty annoying.


Same issue here, I use to be able to host…and now I can’t. I also hates the fact that other players thinks I pull the plug ><.


I think this has happened a few times …


random bug it seems. i always hit start and bam disconnect. up until now i thought it was a shoddy connection.


So we can conclude it’s a bug in the system? If you quickstart the round this could potentially lead to a crash?


I have experienced 2 types of disconnects:

  1. Disconnected during the animation @ the start of the round. This type happened only on **Ranked **for me.

  2. Disconnect during the animation of Ultras whenever someone performs an ultra combo. This type only happened on Player Match for me.


What’s sadder is that HDR basically has this same exact issue…if you press any buttons during the loading screens before the match the game will disconnect you before the round starts.


i think this is probably what happen when i played shin akuma 204 it just disconned in the middle of a match :\


Yeah this only happens to me as im mashing the start button


same issue. peak hours especially are frustrating when i’m getting input lag and walking into projectiles for no good reason.


Agreed with TC. Random disconnects happened very often…and I really think only a very small portion of players actually pull the plug…most are just random disconnects.

I have the same problem and I am planning to go wired ASAP.


How is it better than PS3 online? HDR has the same issues on 360.
Gold membership? For what? You get all the features on a PS3 for free. You think that you get better online from paying or something? Keep in mind that 360 online works p2p so whether you pay or not it doesn’t mean jack about the connection because its dependent on the people playing. PS3 uses dedicated servers.


Only server caused DC I’ve seen is between matches when the screen fades from black back to the fight, it locks up and sometimes DCs there. Sometimes it just locks up for about 10 seconds.


When the opponent DCs midfight… I really don’t think it’s a coincidence. Especially when you’re handing them a hard beatdown.


actually i remember playing you online in a laggy ass match right after you beat me 1st round the match disconnected in the middle of rog’s win pose and i received a “yo you mad?” message.


…were you?
(I jest)