Discount Comic Book service

In an effort to try and save some money buying comics, i was wondering has anyone tried this service yet?

Yeah. I think it’s a good service. The last time I personally used the service was probably back in maybe '05 or '06, but one of my personal friends used it a couple months ago and had no problems. They have good discounts on TRADES, BABY. I’ve bought back issues , too, but I never bought new comics from them. The back issues I received from them were in good condition - “good” in the sense that there was nothing wrong with them as far as I noticed, if not “good” in the sense of some price guide guidelines. I had no complaints whatsoever.

I also just discovered which also has 50% off books. Their selection isn’t as up-to-date but I think they offer free shipping on orders of $25 or more, and I don’t think they charge tax, either. I haven’t used the site yet myself, though.

Those guys and their sister site are my regular supplier of graphic novels. Great discounts, great packaging, good customer service. They also give you free shipping for orders over $50 (which isnt hard to reach). I highly reccomend.

i need to shop at instocktrades