So i actually started looking at combos and moves in the training mode for the first time in the duration of playing sf4 all the way from vanilla and i realised something so simple, that is a low attack and cr.lp isn’t, can’t believe it took me this long to find this out. I just took it from the look of things that cr.lp was a low attack, i mean hes crouching after all yes?

I’ve always solely used cr.lp-cr.lp-cr.lp-sweep or and never looked at After looking at the frame data i see that its options for comboing are less than cr.lp but the chances of making a move connect are so much higher now.

I’ve never seen anybody make point of using in hit confirms or block strings before is it just me who didn’t know this or is this something that everybody thought goes without saying? Thought people did it cause it looked cooler hahah

Edit: isnt low attack either? wtf?

It’s something that’s generally known but not really taught. I guess people expect others to know it, but it’s not really something that’s obvious. There are a lot of things like that in modern fighting games which make them have a higher barrier of entry than most people believe.

One advantage to crouch teching is that you get a lot to come out which increases your chance of starting combos (unless it’s inferior to your character’s cr. lp). This is why newer players complain about characters like Bison who can just mash crouch tech and combo you unless you have airtight pressure.

Yeah it is generally best to start your strings with c.LK,also none of Ryu’s crouching bunches hit low,only his kicks. lol

One way around this with Ryu is to use This gives you a 3f crouch tech. The jab will be kara-cancelled into tech only if the opponent tries to throw.

When I was a kid playing SF2, I thought all crouching attacks were low attacks. I didn’t discover otherwise until many, many years later.

This only work well If you are playing against charc w/o 3 frame move, or unlikely to use it, and without effective frame trap. Ie guile.

Note that guile can overcome it by doing st.lp/lk. So the idea is to use this only when guile is not attacking standing, and do normal defensive tech after u block his standing move.

It’s a weak defensive option against most charc.

You don’t solely have to use it when you’re under pressure. You can substitute regular cr.lp with this eg. if you’re pressuring the opponent with staggered strings and want to defend against throws up close.

soooo based on all of this ive changed my normal bnb to at close range when pressuring, im not quite following what stanzza is saying though TT