Discussing the future. Fullfillments, expectations and relief over no flying cars


We live in a world where we have everything. Dreamcast collection available on XBLA pretty soon, every type of video game being made either via apps, real life or just small little groups. Computers in the palm of our hands, being able to know where everyone is at any time. We are even having our economic crisis that might result in a post apocalyptic world and a rise of warlords and fiefdoms in first world countries. We have fucking SF4…STREET FIGHTER 4 GUYS! But with that said, what do you like about our past’s future? Are you satisfied on how we’ve progressed or expect more shiny stainless futuristic metal designed buildings? Is there anything you were disappointed in that was part of the “promises of the future” but didn’t come to fruition? Or were you fucking glad that shit didn’t take off yet? Most importantly what do you really expect from the future technology wise, political wise, geographically wise or even philosophically wise?



Since your location says Hong Kong…

Someone sent this to me and for the most part I agree.



Sadly, I don’t expect anything too grandiose before I’m too old to appreciate it.

Unless we perfect those immortality-granting nanomachines, then I look forward to becoming an immortal with a Queen soundtrack.


the thing is with tech, especially computers, is that the advance in processing power rises more steeply as time goes on, so the likelihood is that things will only get better in this regard.

The main concern is that economically things are fucked and the way resources like oil are controlled means there will be definite shortages in countries that have come to rely on these resources (same goes for cheap food and housing).

The fact is that there will almost certainly be another world war in our lifetime.


You don’t know how to use the 3 seashells :rofl:


I must admit that even I thought flying cars would be pretty much standard in this day of age. I expect only a little advancement in technology as we move forward, nothing absolutely groundbreaking though. With more and more people filling the world it is my belief that living conditions as they are will soon have to change, for better or worse. Traffic on freeways are clusterfucked, and it’s only going to get worse as the population continues to grow. Students will have to learn from computerized notebooks, and carry them all around school being their only source of learning material. Things of that nature, at least to me.


“Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime.”

globalization is a co-dependency problem to the benefit of the ruling class.


get out of here commie


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I’m glad we haven’t achieved technological singularity.


Yep, hoverboards. Thought we’d have them by now.

I think there will be a nuclear attack on civilians… but that’s more likely to happen than old-fashioned ‘state-vs-state bombing each other into the stone age’ warfare. The past 10 years (and the past month), at least, showed that financing the military industrial complex to effect change in the political landscape is overrated.

Between 2020 and 2050, I’m expecting:

The consumer PC market to become synonymous with the telecom market. Businesses and nerds/gamers will still buy PC towers, but everything else can be accomplished with a smartphone. Oh and dedicated game consoles will die off.

Huge advancements in prosthetics, reaching the point in which a multiple amputee wouldn’t get special attention in public.

Robotic AI to mature and play a huge role in daily life… maybe not androids that resemble humans, but automatons that are smart enough to erase cheap labor, and what are known today as minimum-wage jobs.

Helium-3 from the Moon to supplement the energy demands of the world’s population.


Flying cars is the most idiotic idea I’ve ever heard in my life… I hope that shit never happens…

Asshole drivers in a flying few ton vehicle= no thanks…

Imagine if that shit ran out of gas/other energy source… you would be soooo fucked…:rofl:

I truly wish for simpler times actually… someone needs to turn time back not forward…


im pretty sure the death rate would skyrocket if we had flying cars, people can barely drive in a straight line on the ground yet you want them to fly in the air?

and fuck any form of futuristic GPS navigation system

car: “good morning Shadow, how are you?”

me: im good, im going to 43th street off of lincoln avenue"

car:" you did not ask me how I was doing Shadow"

me: “umm how are you?”

car: “im ok Shadow, I need some oil so we will go now and aquire some”

me: “im going to be late for work, I can do that when I get off”

car:" Negative Shadow, I require the proper liquids to operate at full capacity"

me: “Switch to manual mode, override code kjshfkss09”

car:" acess denied" I have disabled this mode Shadow"

me:" what the hell,"


I like the message this is trying to convey, but I can’t help but feel it’s fueled by a sense of nostalgia towards a way of life that never really existed. Sure, our way of life today is in many ways quite different than it was centuries, even decades ago, but I don’t think it’s inherently better or worse. We have different cultural issues to argue about, different ways to distract ourselves from reality, different working conditions, but not necessarily simpler or less stressful. Living has always been really fucking hard.


A world were you’re not forced to eat team MSS for ten more years after ten years of their shit.


I doubt MSS as a whole will be that big of an issue, really.


I just want self driving cars so I can drink and drive to my hearts content.