Discussion and Tactics on Hyper Street Fighter II The Anniversary Edition (Copypaste from SZ)


(Well time to copypaste my thread into General Fighting Game Discussion .If I’m doing something wrong or there’s already a thread that discusses the game (And is not old enough to file a necroposting offense) then please let me know. other than that (and Sorry if I am shouting but) I WILL TAKE MY VIDEO BEATINGS AND PRAISE THE LORD WITH ALL MY MIGHT!)

The latest Arcade Release for Street Fighter II is also the Best (in my eyes at least.) Welcome to a Discussion and Tactics thread for Hyper Street Fighter II The Anniversary Edition. This bears no resemblance to Street Fighter II’ Turbo: Hyper Fighting. (But it also contains said game’s Fighting styles among others.)

As much as I like Super Street Fighter II Turbo, I find that this game is perfection. Why is that? Because everything you know and love about the various variants are here in the same game. What’s that Albert? Do you have to punch in the codes to play as “Old Variants” of Super II Turbo? No codes needed. Just select the “Super” Variant and while holding Start, select it. Voila. You now have “Old Sagat” along with other “Old Variants” at your disposal without having to memorize codes for which Old Variants you want to play as. (If you are playing vanilla Super Turbo instead of this Neapolitan Anniversary Version, then you will need those codes anyways.)

Of course, all of your favorite Fighters from the various versions are here. The Classic/Original World Warrior Characters, The Champion Edition Characters with the Bosses Selectable, The “Hyper Fighting” Turbo Characters with the various enhancements, The “New Challengers” Super Characters with the Four Newcomers appearing in said game, And everyone’s favorite: Super Turbo with the New and Old Variants of every character.

By the way, Akuma returns in this game but I do not condone using him in any competition as he is Nigh Unbeatable in the hands of a competent player. The code to select him is still the same as Vanilla Super Turbo. Also, this game may as well be considered a novelty as it isn’t used in tournaments because of the selectable variants. But still, feel free to discuss the game and the various tactics and combos. Who knows? Maybe Capcom might consider releasing Hyper Street Fighter II The Anniversary Edition on Steam with high quality Net Code if the demand is there.