Discussion: Hugos in videos!

Since this forum is so dead I think it would be a good way to talk about strategies from looking at videos. Has anyone seen the latest ffa tourney (12/30) with Adolfo in it? What do you guys think about his Hugo?

Do you guys have videos of your Hugos? Post them up and maybe we can help each other out a bit. Toronto is going to hold its own ranking battles so I might be in some videos in the near future so plz don’t be too hard on me :lovin:.

Hey, could you describe the hugo player at the last tourney? I didn’t get to see it but if I could get at least a summary of some of his matches, that would be nice.

Oh , there’s gonna be a tournament in the arcade I play here in Brazil soon …
I’ll try to get it taped …
It’s gonna be funny to watch …

I’ll post the videos if they get taped …

Lizard- What a SA do you use?

I just watched the recent ranbat with YSB and I rank him just a tad bit higher than Hayao. I like YSB’s aggressiveness and parrying ability wherein Hayao appears to be more strategic and precise. What do you guys think?

Riot - I use SA1 mostly, but I do switch to SA3 or SA2 against certain characters/styles.

I think YSB is too aggressive sometimes. He jumps in a lot and does quite a bit of random pokes. I just don’t think you can play Hugo like that vs guys that zone and wait. Since Hugo’s moves are parry baits sometimes and safe to parry. But what do I Know, his style works well for him.

I have seen YSB losing horribly to Yuns & Chuns and I think no way would Hayao lose like that. And I totally agree with you that Hayao is very strategic and precise. When you watch him play you can tell he has his specific matchup/game plan that he follows very, very closely. And Hayao likes to walking back and forth, wait for his opponent to do something first.

Well to sum it up I would say Hayao just plays more ‘safe’. Sort of like how I usually play like YSB and does crazy jump ins and pokes in casuals. But when I’m in a tourny or when I’m playing to win I play like Hayao. That works for me. But I’m glad these 2 guys play so different. It tells us Hugo players that we don’t have to play a specific way to win with Hugo.

There is a new YSB video hosted by combovideos. I just love how YSB keeps getting people with bodysplash into SA3 (which is the only true confirm I can think of, along with the clap).

Yea, I saw him do that combo against a Yun in the last ranbat. Both Hugo’s are phenomenal and yes YSB seems to have a great deal of trouble against Yuns. But then again that’s Yun, possibly Hugo’s worst matchup. YSB doesn’t change his game plan much where Hayao is just so patient and adapts (reminds me of Kuroda’s Q).

On Adolfo’s Hugo- I think he is definitely very good. But I think most people can reach his skill level with a lot of practice against really good competion. He did very well against great competion though so I give him props for that. I like watching Hugo’s who use SA one more though.

Lizard- I give you props for playin with SA 1. I don’t have any videos to post, there is not much good players can pick up from my game. My Hugo is pretty good, not quite as good as Adolfo’s.

I saw a ranbat where hugo would parry and get of the gigas consistently much like Hayao does. I can only get it off after a red parry, I’m not quick enough after regular parry. Any shortcuts to getting it off quicker. Good luck on the tourney.

If I get a close parry it’s usually a 720 for me. Those parrys are risky and if I only throw or sweep them afterwards then it’s not worth it. People tell me a scary Hugo is one that needs 1 parry to turn the match around. And at high level play, at least 1/2 of your 720s are going to come from parrys.

I’m not sure what the difference is btwn 720 after a red parry and a regular parry? Is it 'cause you anticipate the red parry and start doing the 720 motion right after? I think you have to do that for any parry -> 720. You need to anticipate the parry and spin the stick right after. If you didn’t get the parry at least you have spinned the stick from forward to back so you’re blocking.

Aldolfo’s Hugo looked decent in those ranbats, but I think there are definately better ones out there. But I guess playing at FFA would get you recognized easier.

It’s been a while since I’ve seen a YSB video, and yeah his SA3 style is very aggressive. I guess it’s because he uses SA3(he has played more methodically when using SA1). I would say that Hayao always plays safe style, but I’ve seen him rush down on people when given the freedom(in one A-cho video I’ve seen, he killed a Ken player in less than 15 or so sec by taking him down to half-life then activating Gigas).

hugo can rush down when he has u cornered… hugo reminds me of dudley in a way… once he corners u, its trouble… when hugo doesnt have u cornered he can pretty much hold his own due to his good defense and good pokes… but once ur cornered or grabbed by that running grab which does put u in the corner… hugo can be very dangerous

He can be dangerous in the corner, but he’s no ken, dudley, urien type dangerous. I always thought he was more useful midscreen. Better for setups and pokes.

its funny cuz hugo vs urien is who gets cornered first loses…

yea to beat kens corner game just block… yea dudleys corner game is too sick!!.. well what i meant is hugo’s corner clap game… he recovers before ur block stun does and the block push is very small making his mixups very scary cuz he can keep attacking after a clap with high or low attacks… and with the fear of getting grabbed im always landing damage cuz they are forced to do something or they will get grabbed by a 360 or gigas…

mid screen hugo isnt good vs some characters… like ken his stupid air hurricane kick can reallyl hurt hugos game if u dont know what to do against it…

Urien players are really gay. All they do is walk back and charge. When I have them in the corner, they just crouch and do nothing. If I try to get in close then it’s an ex headbutt. If you hesitate they’ll just dash in throw. When they don’t have meter at mid screen, they’ll only attack you with jump in rh or dash in throw.

Being cornered by Ken is bad. Like eddieW says just block and wait for an opportunity. You cannot outpoke Ken in that situation. Dudley is pretty hard too when you’re cornered, high/low game is too sick. Pick SA3 and have him fear your random super. Mix it up with 360 when he’s close. Against Urien it’s pretty much over :arazz:. Good luck blocking Aegis. My suggestion would be to just block and don’t try nothing fancy. Always start off blocking low and look for the overheads. Although it’s easier said than done vs good players.

jump splash stuffs ex headbutt… im out

Jumping in at Urien is sort of risky. And when you have them cornered you don’t want to take the risk.

Hugo can combo into SA3 more ways than just body splash / clap, there’s also jumping roundhouse and a variety of standing/crouching normal attacks.

I’ll take the j rh as well but otherwise you can’t really CONFIRM off anything else. Stuff like jab x2 super just isn’t pratical in a real match. Plus the j rh doesn’t stun your opp as long as the splash does so it’s more risky as a confirm.

shit I do!.. jumping against the corner with splash is harder to parry than it looks with urien being tall plus u can mix up the timing… i clap the shit outta cornered uriens too to keep em pinned urien doesnt have a dp and if he so happens to parry u can block if he attempts to use c.fp, u recover in time to block it… which is uriens combo starter… other than that u wont lose much if he does any other move… st.fp can be blocked too due to its start up… so clap the shit outta urien!!!

eddieW you going to Texas Showdown? Represent Hugo for us :wgrin:.

hugo’s corner game: in corner-> clap, (wether blocked or not doesn’t really matter) dash in while they’re recovering jab 360 (nice 'n quick). once they catch on: clap-> sweep. then the next, clap-> 360 w/ light kick. just mix it up and they’ll be hurting. most kens wont have the cojones to super the first two or three times you dash in after clap. at that time people tend to freeze up. if they start jumping, clap-> wait, short air grab.

even better is sweep or throw, then while theyre waking up, clap. the clap has to be finished on the very last frame before they stand, so it doesn’t actually hit them, then cancel to 360. if they’re not upercutting or supering they’re donedatta.