Discussion of KOF 02


when i go to JAMES GAMES nobody plays kof 02 :shake:

all the arcades i go no one is playen kof 02


kof 02 is dope ass fuck


kof 02 is wack :wgrin:


if you really want KOF’98 UM / '02 comp id go to Arcade Infinity fri/sat nights.


wheres that at???


u wack


Holy shit you never heard of AI? Damm I should slap you for that! Or next time we should head over I haven’t been there in years. Even though I’m not azian LoL…


We need more 2k2!! :looney:


fuck it next time lest gooo


My nigga c’mon be real, 98 is where is at :woot:


yeah true shit


if u want some real comp kof 2k2
mexico is where tht comp be at :lovin:


there are some guys here in Bako that play KOF like its a religion…


i know

is some go0d shit over there :woot:





yeah there is a group of guys that gather and play it like how we play marvel or 3S



what arcades tho?




wheres that one at?


6221 Pacific Blvd, Huntington Park, CA

I think it’s still open. At least I hope so.


oh yeah i been there