Discussion on the Tournament - Participants Only

Please only post if you participated in the tournament(s), and if the content is related to one of the online matches
To keep this post simple, people have experienced matches they should have won/done better, but because of some changeable factor, they did not. Therefore, this post is to discuss these situations. I’d post some of my personal matches to discuss, but they’re not up yet. I guess just try to reference to a match and talk about it. And again…
Please only post if you participated in the tournament(s), and if the content is related to one of the online matches

I didn’t save it but when I was playing felix he got all 3 parts of the dragoon on delfino plaza and killed me right after I respawned, IMO aiming with the dragoon is a bit too easy and should be banned for tourney play, it’s a free kill unless your blind.

Though maybe it’s just me lol.

dragoon is pretty easy to dodge though i dodged quite a few in the tourney.

im not sure who I beat this with, but one match I just used an assist trophy and won. I didn’t even hit my opponent once. the giant hand thingy just pushed them off and they died because the sides were pretty close to the stage.

on shadow moses, this one terrible snake player (no offense if you see this whoever you were, but I mean you only used missile, rpg, and mortar all match…really predictable) ended up beating me twice thanks to sudden death just because I couldn’t kill him up or break any of the side walls.

I did gay shit on summit with metaknight. all I would do is run in circles, wait for low grav, do uair combo and low gravity killed them at 40ish percent, then I’d run away for the rest of the 3 minutes.

I ended up losing when I tried doing this at the end, but by then I was really tired and kinda just wanted to sleep. I got careless and died to a fish eating me twice…ahhahaha :stuck_out_tongue: but still it was my own fault losing there on my last set.

pretty much every stage all I did was camp/space myself, wait on items, then used them to kill my opponents. really I think my videos should all speak for themselves though…I have a few I can send to whoever is putting them online, but I forgot to save a ton of my matches…>.>

Lol… that was me. I think I could have avoided it though, I’m not fully sure though, since I don’t really know how I would experiment with it again lol. I think I had time to jump under it and recover.
I’ll ask atreusna later if he can put it on youtube.

wow. how exciting. i love this new ruleset. rofl.

i can’t wait till azen vs pc chris is decided on a fucking randomly spawning item. it will be so awesome.:wink:

stop trolling and read thread titles.

I fell on a banana peel and ran off Rumble Falls on purpose.

I had TONS of fun in the tourney!

It makes it sound like you’re attacking Felix for what he did, yet it’s good that he did what he did.
This is because the tournament is trying to show whats broken…which was stated many times.
His actions may help in fact remove items entirely from tournaments…which is apparently what you want.


I really feel we should at least test out 3 stocks. I’ve had a few matches that really didn’t seem to last, or just lost a random stock to something stupid, like the camera switching so I couldn’t see my character off the stage during a final smash.

Edit: Not a particpant, sorry.

i know we do 3-mins for the replay-saving and all, but i think it ends up way too short. no match should ever go to sudden death unless both people are doing absurd amounts of camping. Sudden death is like just handing the victory to one player at random, because of retarded amounts of randomly spawning and pissed-off bob-ombs.


Just a couple thoughts for the moment:

Maxim Tomatoes/Heart Containers

Are probably going to be turned off. In a match against JrAsparag where we were pretty close in damage early on, I managed to grab a heart container and heal 47 percent with little risk. Whether that would have made a difference in the match is debatable (I didn’t lose a stock), but I don’t have any particular reason to believe that the risk/reward ratio for these is any less skewed than it was in Melee (I had to dodge the cars on Mario Circuit to grab the container, not much of a risk given the reward offered).


Neutral on this. As people have pointed out, you’re often fighting for the individual pieces, but as others have pointed out you arguably get a fully-formed Dragoon for free when someone is KO’ed, which does give the attacker an even bigger potential lead. That said, spamming spot dodge seems to be the most effective counter, but this is online where the +/- 3 frame lag makes a big difference in this case: it could definitely use some offline testing to determine if people can get around spot-dodge spammers too easily.