Disgaea 3 Avatar request

Hey SRK,

I was thinking its time to change my current av, since it seems everyone on a bunch of different forums has some variation of the Joker as their av.

Anyways, if someone could make me a Disgaea 3 av with Biggzy on it, that would be sweet. Premium size please, if its a real easy thing to do, a couple would be pretty cool so I could pick one.



I think u should wait till very late august when it comes out here (can/us). That way ppl can get some nice rips up.

I guess. But I’m not really trying to win an av contest or anything. Anything will do really.


I’ll help you out Biggzy. I need some pics of the characters though. I Googled and found a few, but I don’t know who the good guys are and the bad guys. I had one with them flashing in, but if it was good/bad guys, that’d look like off. :confused:

Thanks Sasmasta. I don’t know who the good guys or bad guys are either lol. The game is only out in Japan and doesn’t release to the US for two weeks. Just anything that looks badass.

I can’t think of anything zazzy. :open_mouth:

Open to others.

Dude, that av is sexy sas. You are too good.

Awesome Sas thanks. Is there anyway you can change the color of the font though? I’m not a huge fan of orange. You rock :rock:

Sure. Just lemme know which color you’d like [for the font and the background too if you’d like].

Stu: Thanks. You’re too kind. :cool:

Either blues or greens or combinations of those. Thanks. Or whites/blacks colors, anything really. Just not orange please lol. Thanks again.


Edit: :d: No prob homey.

Awesome. Thanks Sas.